Today, Spider-Gwen Will Use The Term "Fridging" In A Comic Book

We've come a long way. Gail Simone created the concept in 1999 in her infamous website "Women In Refrigerators", named after the Ron Marz which saw Green Lantern Kyle Raynor's girlfriend Alex DeWitt killed and her corpse stuffed in a refrigerator, a twist intended to inspire revenge.

But Marz hardly invented this trope. And Simone called out not only its frequent use, killing, injuring or raping a girlfriend or wife to inspire rage in the hero, but also the poor treatment of female characters in comics in general. Concluding that, if you kill off all the female characters in comics that women like and identify with, then women won't like comics.

Some may say it was ahead of its time, but some see it as inspiring the kind of reactions that are more commonplace now and that people have to take account of. Peter Tomasi even parodied the trope in the Green Lantern series Blackest Night having Alex DeWitt revived – but still in the refrigerator.

And today in the Spider-Woman comic book by Dennis Hopeless and Greg Land, with the newly hot Spider-Gwen character (raw copies of Edge Of Spider-Verse #2 now sellng for $100) coming to terms with the fate if Gwen Stacy in the regular Marvel Universe – possibly the basis for all super hero comic book Women In Refrigerators…

Image (81)It seems that Gail Simone at least writes comic book commentary in her universe as well.

Also, there's Eminem.

Image (83)Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, running a Kieron GIllen Darth Vader #1 signing on Saturday, on Valentine's Day.darthvader_poster

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