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A "Recognisable Marvel Entity" is Behind All-Out Avengers
The new series All-Out Avengers by Derek Landy and Greg Land launches next week Land and Landy, I know In his most recent Forbidden Planet vlog guest spot, Marvel EVP Tom Brevoort talked to Andrew Sumner about what is behind the new action-packed series from Marvel Comics. "Every issue starts in the middle of action and[...]
Venom To Be A Magical Being In The Marvel Universe? FCBD Spoilers
In the spirit of Non-Stop Spider-Man, the comic book is meant to kick off mid-adventure, with no lead-up, just a kinetic burst that is carried out through the comic book. Which is how it happens in this comic, by Derek Landy and Greg Land Who totally weren't chosen so they could be Land & Landy on[...]
All-Out Avengers From Derek Landy And Greg Land
Cebulski did at Fan Expo Philadelphia yesterday. All-Out Avengers From Derek Landy & Greg Land Hits The Ground Running Derek Landy tweeted "Soooo… looks like All-Out Avengers has been announced…! Yep, I am writing a brand new Avengers comic for Marvel with Greg Land on art, backed up by Jay Leisten and Frankie D'Armata!" All-Out Avengers From Derek[...]