Top Cow's Matt Hawkins On Being Master Of His Own Domain

Looks left, looks right, okay it's a Sunday, we might probably be able to get away with this. Let's see.

Matt Hawkins is President and COO of Top Cow, the comic book publishing studio founded by Image founder Marc Silvestri. They publish a number of heightened reality, sci-fi, and fantasy comic books through Image Comics and part-owned by Eidos, last time I checked. He has held that position for 19 years.

Talking about holding your position, on Friday, Matt Hawkins posted about his latest project, publicly, on Facebook. I'd like to reiterate that, yes, this was public.

Feel free to read the whole thing. I won't quote any further. But I might watch a little Seinfeld.

OK, maybe just that bit. The last comic book publisher I remember who announced such a thing was Dave Sim. While another "confided" in tens of people about teaching such techniques of self-pleasure to his nephew. Naturally the industry wished to also get a grip on the situation.

But maybe we should let it go at that. I think I've reached my innuendo limit, and I think I should just hand off to someone else.

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