Vault Comics to Delay All Titles, Over Coronavirus Pandemic

Vault Comics CEO Damian Wassel has announced measures to assist retailers during the coronavirus pandemic, issuing a letter to comic stores with revised publication dates, delaying the release of certain titles. He writes,

Vault wouldn't be here without our retail partners, and we're working to do everything possible to support you through this trying time. You are the backbone of this industry.

We have been carefully monitoring the COVID-19 situation. We are in constant communication with Diamond, many of our retail partners, and our creators. We are implementing a flexible plan, working to do as much as we can in this shifting landscape to alleviate some of the pressure that retailers are facing.

To that end, Vault will be delaying all titles with Final Order Cut-off dates between March 23 and April 13 by two weeks. As of now, these titles will FOC and ship two weeks later than currently scheduled. This means there will be no new Vault titles shipping between April 1 through April 29. Titles that have already FOC-ed on March 16 or earlier will still ship as scheduled, though we want to remind you that all new #1s from Vault are fully returnable. Tentatively, we will FOC one trade and one single issue on April 6 for ship dates of April 29 and May 6, respectively.

We will reassess as we draw closer to April 6, to determine whether these delays are sufficient or additional measures need to be taken to support our partners. Meanwhile, we will work daily with Diamond to gain access to better tools–the tools we need–to mitigate our retail partners' risks as necessary. Provided no additional delays are deemed necessary, our schedule will continue as solicited after April 27.

We reiterate, we will do everything possible to support you, our partners, as we navigate this unprecedented situation.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly. You can contact me or David Dissanayake, Vault's Director of Sales & Marketing with any questions, concerns, or ideas.

Rescheduled Vault Comics Titles

Cult Classic: Creature Feature TPFEB20210303/23/2004/06/2004/22/2005/06/20
Vagrant Queen: APCD #4FEB20210203/23/2004/06/2004/15/2004/29/20
Heathen 11FEB20209803/30/2004/13/2004/22/2005/06/20
Hundred Wolves #1 AFEB20209604/06/2004/20/2004/29/2005/13/20
Hundred Wolves #1 BFEB20209504/06/2004/20/2004/29/2005/13/20
No One's Rose #2FEB20209904/06/2004/20/2004/29/2005/13/20
The Plot #5FEB20210004/06/2004/20/2004/29/2005/13/20
Finger Guns #3FEB20209704/13/2004/27/2005/06/2005/20/20
Sera and the Royal Stars #8FEB20210104/13/2004/27/2005/06/2005/20/20

Vault Comics to Delay All Titles, Over Coronavirus Pandemic

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