What Did Secret Wars Do To Scarlet Witch's Children Wiccan And Speed?

Today's Amazing Spider-Man sees Spider-Man fight Regent, with Mary Jane Watson wearing the Iron Spider costume and joining in.

We'd looked before at what may have foreshadowed this… with the actions of the Renew Your Vows parallel world in the Secret Wars mini-series, with a married Peter Parker and Mary Jane Parker fighting that world's Regent.

And it seems to touch a nerve…


Add that to the list, I guess.

But another change may be seen in today's Scarlet Witch, where she talks about her children. Originally the combination of her mutant and magical powers, the twin children of Scarlet Witch and the Vision were later revealed to be phantom children. And then revealed to be part of the demonic soul of a bad guy. Then theorised they had been reincarnated as Wicccan and Speed as part of the House Of M event. And then this was confirmed. At the time, a few people wondered how that might affect the shifting timeline of the Marvel Universe, for Scarlet Witch to have two almost-adult children.

Turns out she has a few questions about that as well.


And more universe-breaking time travel…. could the remaking of the world, post Secret Wars have contributed to this current state for the New Avengers?

And where is Wiccan – and indeed Hulking – post Divided We Stand? No mention I can see yet…

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