Who's The Old Dude? Secret Empire Mindless Speculation

Secret Empire #5 is out now and with it a couple reveals of resurrections (and yeah, yeah, Rich got one wrong, but hey, all these Marvel geniuses lookalike with the same damn facial hair and in THAT art-style) and treachery (one of which we called by the way).

But it also gave us a new mystery. Namely, who th'hell is this old dude?

Secret Empire

Well, one theory is it's ANOTHER Steve Rogers (because that wouldn't be super-annoying). Possibly connected to either plot threads left from Rick Remender's run that saw Steve depowered and turned into an old man in the first place, or connected to Ed Brubaker's Captain America: Reborn, where it was revealed Steve was affected by a time-gun (because comics).

Well, what if it's not? Who else could it be?

Well, how about Steve Rogers' father?

Secret Empire

We last saw him taking an assisted dive off a bridge back in the 1920s. But we never see a body, and in comics, if there ain't a cadaver, then it's a plot line after!

Could Hydra have been keeping him alive all this time for some ulterior motive. Could this be why Black Widow thinks he could be used to win them the war with Herr Rogers?

Only time will tell with Secret Empire, the comic book event with a major massive reveal every issue guaranteed! Thanks, Nick Spencer!



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