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Marvel, in the United States of Hydramerica. This is because, of course, Inhumans are being rounded up and placed in internment camps by the definitely not Nazis Hydra and HydraCap. The team manages to find one such internment camp, and mount a rescue However, what they are confronted with is surprising. Champions is still really bad[...]
The Penny Drops – Secret Empire #2 Reviewed (SPOILERS)
In fact, the only caption in the first panel of the woods reads simply, 'Hope.' It's been theorised before that Secret Empire, and the long-haul HydraCap plot, is a look at the insidious nature of fascism At how it can sneak in, through even legal means, and seize power. I think this reveal adds a new layer[...]
A Beautiful Garbage Fire – Secret Empire #1 Review
I have not cared for Nick Spencer's HydraCap plot Not because it is bad structurally, or even necessarily badly written – technically, Spencer has pulled off the reveal and build of this long running plot to this major event with aplomb and skill that is, frankly, rare to see in Marvel events these days However,[...]
When Captain America Wielded Mjolnir To Fight Nazis
Since a certain something leaked, there's been a fair bit of discussion of the final page reveal/image in Secret Empire's Free Comic Book Day issue. Bear in mind, from here on out, we will be discussing this particular thing, which may be considered a spoiler if you have somehow managed to avoid all discussion of it[...]