The Wrong Earth #5 From Ahoy Comics Has More Orders Than The Wrong Earth #1

The Wrong Earth was the launch title from new comics publisher Ahoy Comics. A superhero comic about one world where Dragonflyman and his sidekick Stinger enjoy a life of adventure. And another Earth, the Dragonfly hunts criminal parasites like a lethal exterminator. And the two change places…

It's been well reviewed, which is not unusual, but what is unusual is that it's putting on sales with subsequent issues.

The usual story is that orders usually halve between issues 1 and 3 and then gradually decline until the series is cancelled and is relaunched. But The Wrong Earth is doing something different.

The Wrong Earth #3 sold more than #2. The Wrong Earth #4 sold more than #3. And now we heard that The Wrong Earth #5 sold more than #4… indeed it sold more that #1.

The only other comic doing anything like this right now is Venom from Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman.

The Wrong Earth #4 is out this week from Tom Peyer, Paul Constant, Jamal Igle, Juan Castro and Gary Erskine. Here's an exclusive preview of the issue in question. As well as a look at some of the prose by Bleeding Cool nemesis of old Matt Brady


(W) Tom Peyer, Paul Constant

(A) Jamal Igle, Juan Castro, Gary Erskine

(CA): Jamal Igle

The Dastardly League lays a lethal trap for Dragonfly! A disguised Dragonflyman infiltrates a dangerous criminal haunt! PLUS! To save a group of missing teens, Dragonfly must beat up the internet! EXTRA! Prose and pictures by the multiverse's most imaginative minds! December 5, 2018 $3.99

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