Could Yasmine Putri Join Tom Taylor on DC Comics Project?

Tom Taylor's project being teased for DC Comics has been most entertaining trying to figure out. But we have seen that it includes work by J Totiro Tedesco, Roge Antonio and . Indeed Marvel editors were intrigued to see that's where Roge Antonio ,who most recently drew Star Wars: Tie Fighter and X-Men Red for them, had turned up. But he may not be alone in that. Bleeding Cool hears that Yasmine Putri who mostly has been working on covers for Marvel and DC, also left Marvel Comics for a new DC Comics project by Tom Taylor. Could this also be that project – or might it be something else? Yasmine Putri has created a few covers for Tom Taylor's DCeased comic book – could she also be working on this as well? Or something completely different? Expect a new teaser to come, but this is where we are right now…

The first day Tom Taylor gave us the letter I. Then the letter N, all in a familiar font. Then… the letter Z. We thought it was spelling out INJUSTICE, it certainly used the same font. Now could it be INZUSTICE? Could this mean a prequel Injustice Zero? Would it be coming like World War Z, Injustice Nuclear Zombie? Injustice Zero Hour? Will there be more letters later? Maybe.

Tom Taylor's INZJSTICE? With J Tedesco and Rogê Antônio?
Could This Be Tom Taylor's… Um… INZUSTICE?

Accompanied by these phrases, tagged in to @DCComics.

Yesterday, he gave two new images. The following, drawn by J Totino Tedesco

Tom Taylor's INZJSTICE? With J Tedesco and Rogê Antônio?


And a handy J for Justice.

Tom Taylor's INZJSTICE? With J Tedesco and Rogê Antônio?

With the phrase: "To remind us tyranny often starts with the words we want to hear. That promises can be eroded and corrupted by power. That criticism should be heeded and amplified, never silenced. To remind us what we STAND for".cToday, switching to Instagram, we had this scene with artists Rogê Antônio and Rain MB.

Tom Taylor's INZJSTICE? With J Tedesco and Rogê Antônio?

And a new letter.

Tom Taylor's INZJSTICE? With J Tedesco and Rogê Antônio?

With these words: "That an ideology should never trump the freedom and rights and lives of all people."

'JS' as in Justice Society? Here are the letters so far…

Tom Taylor and Julian Tedesco's... INZJUSTICE?


INZJSTICE? INJUSTICE ZERO? INJUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA? Could we be getting another Injustice: Gods Among Us series set a century ago? Or does INZ plus the A on the chest make up INZA as in Inza Cramer, initially the girlfriend, and later the wife, of Kent Nelson, Doctor Fate and then becoming Doctor Fate herself?

More to come… Tom Taylor is best known for writing Injustice: Gods Among Us for DC Comics but also has written X-Men, Suicide Squad (out today with Liveshot) Wolverine, Earth-2 and created the kids animated show The Deep based on his own graphic novel.

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