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Batman has a colorful variety of rogues in his gallery — yet none as naturally intoxicating as Poison Ivy. Dr. Pamela Isley made her glorious debut in Batman #181 released in the spring of 1966. With her trademark red hair and ivy costume, this femme fatale would become one of the more popular characters in Batman's rogue gallery. Her character would evolve tremendously over the decades, and fans were treated to one of the best versions of Ivy in the popular 1990's cartoon Batman: The Animated Series. Ivy is also the (on-again, off-again) girlfriend of the popular Harley Quinn.

In this week's ComicConnect event auction, the one we're currently talking about is set to end on May 19th, fans of the natural beauty can bid to win this stunning copy of Batman #181. With a universal blue label 6.0 featuring off white to white pages, this is an excellent critical book to own. The cover is a beautiful Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson piece, featuring the dynamic duo looking at each other with hate in their eyes, while Poison Ivy stands there looking smug. Has she used her toxins to turn the pair against each other?

The issue of Batman #181 up for auction at ComicConnect. Image Credit: ComicConnect
The issue of Batman #181 up for auction at ComicConnect. Image Credit: ComicConnect

Another Batman #181 6.0 blue label sold for $650 in April of this year, a minor price drop from a month earlier where a copy sold for $715. This book is not rare and can be found in grades ranging from 0.5 to 9.8. That shouldn't dissuade you from investing in this book, though. Batman #181 in 6.0 universal blue condition has seen a mostly steady increase over the last eight years, though most recently, the prices have bounced between increasing and decreasing. A 6.0 has remained stable in the $600-700 range, making this a safe investment — especially if you plan on hanging on to this book for a while.

Fans of Poison Ivy should absolutely own a copy of this book. I myself own a copy in a lower grade, but I have no desire to sell it off — she is my favorite villain! The auction for this book ends on May 19th and is part of Session 2 of Event Auction #42. Fans interested in owning this copy need a ComicConnect account to bid. Accounts are free, plus you can also bid on other great books in this event auction. Good luck and happy bidding!

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