Aiming For That Certain Audience: A Quick Review Of 'Blue Reflection'

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Blue Reflection is a JRPG created by GUST Studios, the same people behind the Atelier series of games, where the story revolves around a class of high school girls at an all-girls school, who come in contact with a mysterious realm where they all become warriors. You'll shift back and forth between the real world having cuddly conversations with classmates and going back to the fantasy world where you are a warrior called a "reflector" who battles monsters.

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One of the cool little trademarks to this new game is that depending on the interactions you have in both realms, you open up new missions and quests, date events, and even new episodes of the game. This means if you truly want to, you can play the game as-is without getting any extra material or you can seek out as much material as you can and expand the game to its fullest potential. You fight in a turn-based system where your ability to battle is determined based on your character's experience, with your standard array of physical, magical, healing, and special attacks.

credit//Koei Tecmo

Because its a JRPG involving school girls under the Koei Tecmo banner, you get a lot of emphasis on giggly breasts and panties being shown throughout the game. Because… of course, you do. While I understand the charm for some titles, it's so out of place here, more so than you would normally expect. This is personified by the idea that in the costume changing area, you can make your character's outfits look wet as if they just got back from a wet t-shirt contest at Cancun's Spring Break 2009. It's so obvious it's painful, and it overshadows whatever bonuses the game had going for it because it shows what audience they want and don't care much for the rest.

credit//Koei Tecmo

It was a bit difficult to get excited for Blue Reflection. The story, while original, isn't anything special. The game is stuck in this perpetual repeating wheelhouse of making weak high school girls become powerful buxom women over and over, with little character development beyond the idea that they're stronger than they know. That's fine to a degree, but there's no depth here. If not for the gameplay, this would be a much lower rated title because it all feels so two-dimensional.

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