Pop'n Music Lively Brings Colorful Rhythm Gaming To PC

Popular rhythm gaming series Pop'n Music is making a comeback on PC. Konami has announced Pop'n Music Lively for PC, which is currently available for players as part of a limited-time beta. Pop'n Music Lively is the newest addition to the long-running series, but rather than waiting to announce a release date, it was immediately pushed out with a beta. Konami simultaneously announced the game and began allowing players to jump in. This is the first time such a promotional schedule has ever happened with the Pop'n series.

Credit: Konami
Credit: Konami

There aren't any additional details about what will happen with the game at present (or when it will debut) other than the fact that it exists and the Japanese-language beta is live now. However, while it's in Japanese, there aren't a lot of language skills needed to enjoy the game or navigate the menus. That means interested parties should be able to play with little trouble.

The game is typically played with a set of nine colorful buttons that must be pressed as the notes appear on-screen in time with a variety of different music. Currently, there are five playable songs, culled from various entries in the series, available in the beta right now:

  • "Haisui no Jin" by Hideo Suwa (from Pop'n Music 17 The Movie)
  • "Kurokami Midareshi Shura to Narite" by Qualia Muramasa (from Pop'n Music 18 Sengoku Retsuden)
  • "Ren'ai Kansoku" by NU-KO (from Pop'n Music 20 Fantasia)
  • "Perverse Heart ~Ama no Jaku~" by Egoistic Lemontea (from Pop'n Music Lapistoria)
  • "Omedetou! Otanjoubi" by Witches (from Pop'n Music Peace)

By all accounts, this entry should continue the fun, light-hearted rhythm gameplay fans have become used to over the years. There's no information on how many songs total it will end up having, or other features it will include, but that should all be on its way as we edge closer to the game's release.

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