Judge Dredd Gets a Ridiculously Cool Statue From PCS Collectibles

Judge Dredd has gotten a few statues and such over the years, but this one may just be the best. Coming in early 2019, there is a new Dredd statue coming from PCS Collectibles. While it is on the expensive side, fans will want to get their hands on this one for sure. And they will want to do it fast, as the edition size is extremely limited at only 200 pieces.

Judge Dredd Gets a Ridiculously Cool Statue From PCS Collectibles

Judge Dredd first appeared in the pages of British comics magazine 2000AD in 1977 and has appeared in nearly every issue since!

The Judges of Mega Ciy One act as Judge, Jury and Executioner, doling out harsh sentences right on the street, and no one does it better than Dredd.

Now, PCS is proud to pay tribute to Mega City One's most recognizable lawman with the biggest Judge Dredd statue we've ever produced. Standing almost 28 inches tall, this 1/3 scale collectible was sculpted using a mix of digital and traditional sculpting techniques to bring Dredd to life as only PCS Collectibles can.

The PCS "Cursed Earth" Exclusive includes:

  • Environmental Base
  • Swap Out "Clenched Teeth" Portrait
  • Removable Fabric Radiation Cloak

Edition Size: 200

Aprx Dimensions: – 28"(71cm)H x 12.5"(32cm)D x 15"(38cm)W

Art Director : Jerry Macaluso

Figure Sculpture : Justin McMillan

Base Sculpture: Miguel Argueta

Additional Sculpting by Ralph Cordero & Amos Hemsley

Paints : Mike Najera

1:3 scale is HUGE. Swappable portraits and the radiation cloak are just icing on the cake once you take in how great this sculpt is. Every single detail is carefully done, right down to the badge. Even the base has a great sculpt.

At $800, this is by no means cheap. The nice thing is that you can get on a payment plan for it if you can't afford the full amount up front. If you do pay the full price on preorder, they are offering a 15% discount, which takes this piece down to $679.99.

You can check out more pictures and specs, as well as preorder this statue right here. 

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