Arkanoid – Eternal Battle Debuts New Battle Royale Mode

Microids announced this week they will be debuting a new battle royale mode in Arkanoid – Eternal Battle for Steam Next Fest. The game will have a special 25-player battle royale mode in which you'll be able to compete against others in a mad dash to stay alive. Kind of taking cues from games like Tetris 99, it will be up to you to make sure you're the last one standing. You can see it in action with the latest trailer below, as well as details of the event from the developers below.

Promotional logo for Arkanoid - Eternal Battle, courtesy of Microids.
Promotional logo for Arkanoid – Eternal Battle, courtesy of Microids.

"Players have infinite lives, but beware! Losing the energy ball decreases your score by 10%, and players with the lowest score will be eliminated at regular intervals. Don't worry, though. You can save yourself from elimination by taking advantage of a signature Arkanoid feature: special powers. You will be granted access to an assortment of abilities, depending on your position in the race. Each one amounts to a strategic game-changer that, when used at the right time, can bring your competitors' game to a crashing halt! Here is a sneak peek at the effects these game-changing powers can have:

  • Glitching your opponents' screens to obstruct their vision for a few seconds.
  • Temporarily reducing the size of your opponents' ReVaus (ship) down 50%.
  • Speeding up your enemies' energy ball, making it harder to catch during a limited time.

When only four players are left, the Eternal Battle enters its final stage. Your opponent becomes none other than DOH himself. Hit him as many times as you can to score some juicy extra points. Every 45 seconds, DOH will get rid of the player with the lowest score, so be sure to keep up the pressure until the end of the match! The player with the highest score at the end of this phase faces DOH alone. If you manage to defeat him, you'll win the game."

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