Atari Announces New Puzzle Game Kombinera Is Coming Soon

Atari announced that they will be releasing their brand new tricky puzzle game Kombinera is coming out sooner than expected. This is a super colorful puzzle title that will have you controlling multiple colored balls all at the same time as you will need to utilize several problem-solving skills that will both make you feel smart when you succeed and hurt your brain when you don't know what you're doing in this puzzle platformer. It will be up to you to find combinations using ball and complete each level to move onto greater challenges.

As you might suspect, the game will be released for the Atari VCS, but will also be coming out on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, asd well as all three major consoles (including next-gen). You can check out more info about the game below and see the latest trailer as it will be released on April 7th, 2022.

Atari Announces New Puzzle Game Kombinera Is Coming Soon
Credit: Atari

Control multiple colored balls simultaneously in this brain-bending puzzle platformer. It's up to you to combine every ball and complete each perilous level. Can you solve them all? Can you save King Kombine from the Kave of Kaos? Formidable puzzles. Precise navigation. Balls. Simultaneous control. Special abilities. A fallen king… All balls move in unison, requiring creative problem solving and a well thought-out plan. Merge all balls together to complete levels. Hazards abound, making for a perilous journey through each stage. Different balls have special abilities, needed to traverse or overcome obstacles. Simple and accessible to pick up, but the puzzles grow more diabolical as you progress!

  • Progress through 300 increasingly complex puzzles.
  • Encounter new hazards and abilities.
  • Replay Kombinera levels to achieve best times.
  • Grab collectibles to unlock new levels
  • Vibrant neon visual style accompanied by ambient electronic audio tracks.
  • In-depth, complex, heart-tugging emotional storyline.
  • Accessible controls.

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