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Atari Will Release Gravitar: Recharged On Multiple Platforms This May
Atari revealed more details for their upcoming release of Gravitar: Recharged, as the game will be released on PC and consoles next month Much like other games in the Recharged series, this one takes a classic title from the golden age of gaming and revitalizes it in a modern era Some of the old-school charms[...]
Atari Unveils Their Line Of XP Limited Edition Cartridges
Atari unveiled the final design for their upcoming limited edition Atari 2600 cartridges, all of which will be coming out for Atari XP The company revealed that these designs were on the way a while ago as they were going the extra mile with them to make these specialty collector's items that fans old and[...]
Atari Announces New Puzzle Game Kombinera Is Coming Soon
Atari announced that they will be releasing their brand new tricky puzzle game Kombinera is coming out sooner than expected This is a super colorful puzzle title that will have you controlling multiple colored balls all at the same time as you will need to utilize several problem-solving skills that will both make you feel[...]
Atari VCS To Receive Massive OS Update With New Features
Atari announced today that they will be providing a massive OS update to the Atari VCS with a number of new features The primary focus of this update is to respond to a lot of requests and issues reported to the group by players, so the biggest addition is quality of life improvements that will[...]
Atari's Tempest 4000 Will Release On VCS & Nintendo Switch
Atari announced today that they will be releasing their modern tube shooter Tempest 4000 on Atari VCS and Nintendo Switch The game was originally released back in 2018 when Atari was making its first major push for the VCS and revealed a ton of old-school titles would be getting modern versions for both their console[...]
Atari Needs Help Finding The Publisher Of Aquaventure
Atari needs your help in finding the person responsible for making a very specific game that has gone down as a legend in Atari lore Years ago, someone made the game Aquaventure, which was an Atari 2600 prototype that just showed up one day at a flea market back in the '90s, and ever since[...]
Atari VCS Announces Multiple Flashback Releases
Atari revealed this morning that they have several new games on the way in early 2022, many of them flashback titles for the VCS The console will be getting some special additions as they expand the 7800 library with several new titles, as well as the latest Recharaged edition of Asteroids: Recharged Plus, the company[...]
Breakout: Recharged
Atari revealed today that they have an official release date for Breakout: Recharged as the game will come to multiple platforms The game was made in collaboration with developers Adamvision Studios and SneakyBox Studios as they have taken the classic fast-paced hybrid shooter and have given it a new life with visual upgrades, new modes,[...]
Atari Releases Flight Simulator Game Collection On Steam
Atari has released a set of retro games this week on Steam as this is your chance to get some classic flight simulator titles Right now you can pick up one of three different collections: Flight Combat Collection, Sid Meier Collection, and the MicroProse War Simulation Collection The three sets have several old-school titles that[...]
Atari Has Released Sid Meier’s Command Series On Steam
Atari pulled a bit of surprise for retro titles today as they have released the Sid Meier Command Series of games on Steam All three of the classic 1980's strategy games have been released as you can currently get your hands on Decision in the Desert, Crusade in Europe, and Conflict in Vietnam[...]
Super Impulse Shrinks Down Dance Dance Revolution For Your Figures
Yesterday we talked about the amazing Tiny Arcade Atari 2600 from Super Impulse that adds some much-needed flavor to your figure displays Well, the fun from Super Impulse does not end there as they also sent us a miniature Dance Dance Revolution arcade game to check out Both Tiny Arcade systems blew me away and[...]
Super Impulse’s Tiny Arcade Atari 2600 Levels Up Your Dioramas
One of them is the Atari 2600, and yes, it actually works with 10 playable games with a miniature console, functioning joystick controller, and a vintage style TV Super Impulse sent us over one of their cool 2600 consoles, and I was quite impressed with not only the design but the aesthetic it brought my[...]
Atari VCS Launches Over A Dozen New Games For The Platform
Atari has announced a new set of video game titles being released today for the Atari VCS, as players now have over a dozen new games The console has slowly been building up its library of third party titles, classic remakes, old-school libraries, and app services that bring a ton of content to the VCS[...]
AtariXP Launches New Game Cartridge Initiative
AtariXP revealed today that they have launched the new initiative to release games on cartridges, starting with three that were never released This entire initiative has been designed to bring rare and never-released Atari game cartridges back to the marketplace for fans old and new to get their hands on highly-collectible games that actually work[...]
Atari Reveals New Logo To Celebrate 50th Anniversary
Atari revealed a brand new logo this week as part of a celebration of the company's 50th anniversary, commemorating its founding in 1971 The logo itself is being called the "GoldSchool Sunnyvale", and as part of its launching, it will be added onto several items over the next calendar year Including a brand new game[...]