AtGames Announces 47 TAITO Titles Added To Legends Arcade

Some interesting retro games news this week as AtGames has announced they're adding 47 titles from the TAITO library to Legends Arcade. AtGames has slowly been working to add several old-school gaming libraries to their arcade machines, both the at-home and arcade boards you can buy in retail, as well as the machines you can find out in the wild. Now we know that the next set of games joining them will be TAITO as they will be adding a good chunk of their library to the system. No timeframe was given as to when they'd start appearing or how current owners could download the new games to their existing systems, but we're guessing that will come out over the holidays. You can read more about the new deal below.

A look at a Legends Ultimate home arcade, courtesy of AtGames.
A look at a Legends Ultimate home arcade, courtesy of AtGames.

These products, which include the full-size Legends Ultimate home arcade, Legends Gamer Pro wireless tabletop controller, and other devices with authentic controls, run on the Legends Arcade Platform, which allows for a range of impressive connected features, including ArcadeNet, BYOG, and universal global leaderboards. Thanks to the flexibility of the Legends Arcade Family products, each of the 47 games, which appear bundled together for the very first time, can be played with authentic arcade controls and in their original aspect ratios. For even more authenticity with classic light gun games like Operation Wolf and Operation Thunderbolt, players can not only use an arcade-quality trackball, but also compatible light guns like the AimTrak or AtGames BitBlaster.

These TAITO arcade games are also being integrated into the exclusive AtGames Leagues Leaderboards (ALL) feature, which lets players on the Legends Arcade Platform compete on universal global leaderboards. Some of the great TAITO arcade games already leaderboard-enabled are Alpine Ski, Chack 'n Pop, Colony 7, Kiki KaiKai, Liquid Kids, and Lunar Rescue.

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