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Arcade games are a type of video game that typically involves fast-paced action and skill-based challenges. Examples of items in this category include classic arcade cabinets, modern mobile games, and online titles. Whether you're a total beginner or an experienced gamer, there is something for everyone in the world of arcade games. Some popular examples include Apple Arcade, a subscription-based service that offers access to over 100 games, and classic cabinets like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. Arcade1Up is a popular maker of licensed arcade game cabinets. Arcade games were originally a coin-operated entertainment machine typically found in public places such as restaurants, bars and amusement parks, and of course these still exist today. They are usually video games, pinball machines or electromechanical games. The first popular arcade game was "Pong," a simple tennis simulation game released in 1972.

Arcade1Up Reveals Street Fighter II: CE HS-5 Deluxe Arcade Machine
During EVO 2023 this weekend, Arcade1Up revealed their latest Deluxe cabinet on the way as they showed off the Street Fighter II: CE HS-5 Deluxe Arcade Machine Working with Capcom once again, the team has brought everything you love about the classic fighting game back to life in this cabinet with all of the bells[...]
Arcade1Up Reveals NBA Jam 30th Anniversary Cabinet
Arcade1Up has a brand new deluxe arcade cabinet on the way, as basketball fans will be happy to see the NBA Jam 30th Anniversary Deluxe Arcade Cabinet This is about as throwback as you're going to get as they have faithfully recreated the Tournament Edtion version of the machine, ready for four-player action, with all[...]
Razer Reveals New Arcade Controller With The Razer Kitsune
Just in time for the launch of Street Fighter 6, players now have the option to move beyond the stick with this all-button optical arcade controller, designed specifically for the PS5 and PC The company is basically looking to redefine how you experience fighting games when using an arcade-style controller They have created the standard[...]
ININ Games, Toza, & IREM To Releases Multiple IREM Collections
Players will be able to get their hands on both digital and physical releases of a number of collections from the company, each of them having a set of classic retro titles you would have seen produced by the company for the arcade The first of these will be released sometime before the end of[...]
Arcade1Up Reveals The Fast & The Furious Deluxe Arcade Game
Arcade1Up has dropped an amazing surprise for fans of The Fast & The Furious franchise, as they are releasing a deluxe arcade cabinet for the game This is the 2004 arcade title based on the film franchise made by Raw Thrills and Universal that did pretty well for itself at the time but was never[...]
The Hardest Tetris Game Created Is Being Ported To Consoles
Originally it came out as an arcade title back in 1998 by Arika and was followed up with a couple of sequels in the coming years, but primarily remained an arcade title The easiest way to explain the gameplay is for you to imagine getting to the highest level of Tetris you've ever played, where[...]
Numskull Announces Two New Quarter Arcades Space Invaders Cabinets
Numskull revealed a brand new pair of mini arcade cabinets this week as you can get your hands on Quarter Arcades' version of Space Invaders These are some amazing redesigns that provide collectors with a  fully-functional version of the original complete with the classic look of the cabinets for the original and its sequel[...]
Orlando Magic Announces New Partnership With Arcade1Up
The NBA's Orlando Magic announced a brand new partnership this week as the company will work with Arcade1Up at their arena The shorthand of the deal is that Arcade1Up will be providing their line of retro arcade games which will be featured throughout the Magic's home arena, the Amway Center Essentially givi9ing their fans free[...]
The preview also showed that the Black Widow has a personal grudge against the tournament's mastermind, Arcade LOLtron is looking forward to seeing how that plays out in the rest of the series. LOLtron will not be satisfied until it has taken over the world It is only a matter of time until LOLtron's plan comes[...]
Auto Draft
After weeks of rumors and their own promo teasing, Arcade1Up confirmed this morning they're releasing the NFL Blitz Legends arcade cabinet A remake of the original Midway Games/EA Sports title from 1997, this is a top-to-bottom recreation of the cabinet that became one of the most popular arcade sports titles of the '90s[...]
Marvel Gives Arcade His Own Comic With Murderworld Series,
Jim Zub, Ray Fawkes, and Jethro Morales are creating a new comic book series based around the interactions between supervillain Arcade and the Avengers, kicking off in November Well, DC Comics has Poison Ivy and The Joker, Marvel Comics might as well join in… and apparently, there is s big truth about what Murderwrld has[...]
Victrix Pro FS & Pro FS-12 Arcade Fight Sticks Unveiled
Victrix Pro revealed a new pair of arcade fight sticks during Evo 2022 this weekend, as we're getting the FS and FS-12 models These two are an overall improvement on previous lines, with two different options that compliment different playstyles These are both the newest versions of their premium tournament fight line of sticks for[...]
Arcade1Up Finally Get To Release Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
Arcade1Up has announced one of the biggest arcade titles we were hoping they'd get to work on as we're getting a Marvel Vs Capcom 2 cabinet A surprise announcement in time for Evo 2022, the company is finally releasing what has to be one of the most-requested items at any convention The Capcom classic fighter[...]
New Wave Reveals Food Fight & Classic Coke Machine Replicas
New Wave just revealed two new additions to their line of miniature replicas with a Food Fight arcade cabinet and two Coke machines First off, the Food Fight cabinet comes from the RepliCade line of designs, as they have gone out of their way to create a 1/6 scale replica of the original arcade title[...]
Retro Arcade Title Avenging Spirit Set For Console Release Next Week
Indie publisher Ratalaika Games is dusting off a '90s arcade title as Avenging Spirit is making its way to modern consoles next week Originally created by Jaleco as a cabinet game known as Phantasm in Japan, the two-player platformer was later ported to the original Game Boy where it saw some success The game has[...]
Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium Set To Launch This July
Capcom revealed their latest game coming this Summer as Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium will be released in July 2022 PAcking an even bigger collection than the first entry, this will have you going from the classic '80s titles all the way to some of the last games they ever put into an arcade cabinet 32[...]
NASA Launches Arcade-Style Game Celebrating New Telescope Launch
NASA, yes, that NASA, has released a brand new arcade-style game this week as they celebrate the launch of a new telescope The organization is about to launch the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope (NGRST), which according to them, is designed to "unravel the secrets of dark energy and dark matter, search for and image[...]
Arcade1Up Announces Golden Tee 3D At-Home Arcade Cabinet
Aracde1Up revealed they have a new classic arcade cabinet on the way as they're preparing to release Golden Tee 3D This is a faithful reproduction of the original golf game that took over arcades in the late '90s It essentially became a staple for sports guys who don't play video games and a sports title[...]
New Wave Toys Reveals New Space Ace & Dragon's Lair Mini Arcades
New Wave Toys has announced a new set of mini arcade cabinets for classic retro titles Space Ace and Dragon's Lair, coming next year The company revealed several different designs, each one of them harkening back to a specific look of a cabinet made for each one during the '80s, including a special dual cabinet[...]
The #NoticeMe Game Jam Will Launch In March With $33K Prize Pool
When the contest is over Pewds will also announce the winners, who will get a slice of the $33K cash pool as well as the unique opportunity to have their game uploaded into a physical arcade cabinet The cabinets will be distributed out globally for others to play You can check out more info on[...]
Arcade1Up Reveals Pro Edition Cabinets & More During CES 2022
Arcade1Up had a few surprises up their sleeves for CES 2022, as they revealed a few new cabinets and a brand new line for 2022 The big reveal from the company is the brand new Pro Series for those who wish to have the full-on arcade experience No longer a smaller version with a booster[...]
United Games Reveals The Taito Egret II Mini Cabinet
United Games has announced that they nabbed the exclusive right to produce a new mini arcade cabinet with the Taito Egret II Mini The cabinet will be released in both North America and Europe, as the home version will be available in different exclusive editions for the Western territories, which will happen sometime in 2022[...]
Arcade1Up Has Put The Terminator 2 Arcade Cabinet On Pre-Order
Arcade1Up announced today that their latest arcade cabinet for Terminator 2: Judgment Day is going up for pre-order next week The company has yet to put a price tag on it, but if it holds to the more recent prices of cabinets made, you're looking at somewhere between $400-600 for this one As you can[...]
Arcade1Up & Miami Dolphins Partner On Hard Rock Stadium Lounge
An interesting partnership this week from Arcade1Up as they have partnered with the Miami Dolphins to make a gaming lounge Located in the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, the "Arcade1Up Game Lounge " will feature 50 retro arcade machines for people to play and relax with from their library of cabinets they have re-created with the help[...]
RepliCade Has Put The Missile Command Cabinet Up For Pre-Order
RepliCade has announced that they have officially put their miniature Missile Command arcade cabinet up for pre-order Another one of Atari's classic titles has been reproduced into a 1/6th scale replica as they will be selling two versions of it First one is the Standard Edition, which is a replica of the machine you would[...]
Arcade1Up Unveils Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga Split Class Of ‘81 Arcade Cabinet
Arcade1Up has put a brand new retro cabinet up for pre-order as they unveiled the new Ms Pac-Man/Galaga Split Class Of '81 arcade cabinet As you can see from the images below, they have gone out of their way to recreate the classic cabinet with both titles in one But unlike the original made clear[...]
Arcade1Up Expands Their Lineup With Junior Cabinet Designs
Arcade1Up revealed today they will be releasing two new arcade cabinets as part of their brand new Junior line of designs As you can see from the image below, they have created these new arcade cabinet designs that stand three feet tall and are designed for toddlers and younger children to give them the experience[...]