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Arcade1Up Unveils Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga Split Class Of ‘81 Arcade Cabinet
Arcade1Up has put a brand new retro cabinet up for pre-order as they unveiled the new Ms Pac-Man/Galaga Split Class Of '81 arcade cabinet As you can see from the images below, they have gone out of their way to recreate the classic cabinet with both titles in one But unlike the original made clear[...]
Arcade1Up Expands Their Lineup With Junior Cabinet Designs
Arcade1Up revealed today they will be releasing two new arcade cabinets as part of their brand new Junior line of designs As you can see from the image below, they have created these new arcade cabinet designs that stand three feet tall and are designed for toddlers and younger children to give them the experience[...]
Arcade1Up Releases Details For Four-Player X-Men Cabinet
Arcade1Up has released new details about the release of the four-player cabinet for the classic X-Men arcade title from Konami For a short period of time in the early '90s, you couldn't go anywhere without seeing one of these as the machine populated every arcade, amusement park, and practically Pizza Hut in North America[...]
"The House Of The Dead" 1 & 2 Are Getting Remade
However, this new distribution deal doesn't cover new versions of the classic SEGA arcade titles but instead gives the companies the ability to offer retail versions and collector's editions for these titles worldwide in their classic form Here are a few quotes about the deal. Credit: SEGA "Microids is incredibly grateful to work on these mythical IPs[...]
RepliCade revealed this week that they will be releasing two versions of the classic arcade title Q*Bert as mini arcade replicas The 1982 arcade classic of a weird creature bouncing around on blocks to get them to change colors has been a quirky fan-favorite puzzler for decades, and how you can own your own version[...]
Ziggurat Interactive Logo
All five of the games they have this time around are from the company's arcade era, as you'll have the chance to enjoy Joe & Mac Returns, Wizard Fire, BreakThru, Nightslashers, and coming in July, Fighter's History The four that are already out can be found on GOG, Steam, and the Humble Store[...]
Arcade1Up Adds Three New Cabinets Including Turtles In Time
Arcade1Up revealed three more classic arcade machines ahead of E3 2021 this week on top of The Simpsons on they already unveiled These three are going to evoke a lot of memories for longtime arcade players as we're getting the Street Fighter II Big Blue Arcade Machine, the Ms Pac-Man/Galaga Class of 81' Arcade Machine,[...]
Arcade1Up Announces Konami's The Simpsons Game Is Up Next
Arcade1Up has finally secured the rights to produce one of the most-request arcade cabinets of the '90s with Konami's The Simpsons For a small period in time, this was THE machine you had to be at in the arcades and at pizza joints as you had four-player beat'em up action with the four main members[...]
Evercade Reveals Arcade Collections For Handheld & VS Systems
Blaze Entertainment revealed this morning they are releasing a new set of arcade title collections for Evercade handheld and VS systems All four of them will be made available for purchase individually later this year, and will come with support for save states just like their current existing collections do The four sets will be[...]
John Tobias Explains Character Changes In Early Mortal Kombat Games
Tobias took to his Twitter page to explain that it had more to do with popularity and memory than storylines. Ever wonder why Johnny Cage wasn't in Mortal Kombat 3? Now we know! Courtesy of NetherRealm Studios. According to Tobias, Midway didn't give the team much more memory for MK2 even though the first game was a[...]
Clockwork Aquario Is Getting Released Three Decades Later
ININ Games and Strictly Limited Games have been hard at work planning the release of this old-school arcade title developed by the legendary Westone Bit Entertainment in 1993 The game was planned to come out in arcades in the early '90s, but got scrapped due to other genres becoming super popular and forcing SEGA (who[...]
SEGA Astro City Mini Console Is Up For Pre-Order
Like its old sister, the Astro City Mini is also made of resin and has the exact same design including the joystick and the buttons! With its 4-inch screen, joystick and 6 buttons, you can enjoy a selection of 37 of the most famous SEGA games right at the palm of your hand! The Astro City[...]
Numskull Reveals A New Quarter Arcades Cabinet For Bubble Bobble
Numskull has revealed a new addition to their Quarter Arcades mini cabinet line with the original Bubble Bobble cabinet This is a replica of the original arcade cabinet that you would have found back when TAITO first released it, but at a 1/6 scale of the original It's a pretty awesome replica in time for[...]
New Wave Toys Announces The Launch Of Asteroids X RepliCade Cabinet
RepliCade revealed this week a new playable, limited edition, 12-inch-tall replica arcade cabinet of Atari's legendary classic Asteroids Much like other replica arcade cabinets they have made in the past, this is about as authentic as you can get as they have recreated two variants of the models you would find when they were brand[...]
New Wave Toys Reveals Asteroids Mini Arcade Cabinet
New Wave Toys revealed a brand new mini arcade cabinet today as they are giving the miniature treatment to Asteroids In partnership with RepliCade and Atari, they have created a 12-inch-tall replica of the legendary arcade classic, fully playable, and detailed down to the stickers on the side This is designed to match the cabinets[...]