Bethesda Softworks Restores Stolen Items To "Fallout 76" Players

The recent hacking thefts that happened in Fallout 76 has finally received a happy ending of sorts, as players got a surprise from Bethesda Softworks. Last month around the holidays, players were getting hacked on the servers and having their inventories cleaned out. For a number of people, they assumed the worst at the end of the day, that everything was gone. Because part of Bethesda's agreement, which is the same as most game agreements other companies make you agree to, states that they are not responsible for lost or stolen items in the game. But it appears the devs decided to change their minds about that policy for this particular circumstance.

Bethesda Softworks Restores Stolen Items To "Fallout 76" Players
Credit: Bethesda Softworks

A post from a Reddit user in the Fallout 76 subreddit has confirmed that the company sent him a clone of his character from before his account was hacked. According to them, "No Atoms as of yet! CAMP / Scrapbox / Stash / Entire character geared. EVERYTHING has been doubled". So not only did they take care of this player, they gave them more than they had to begin with. That's one hell of a make-good on the part of Bethesda. No word yet of other players at the moment, but we're guessing they're getting through each ticket on an individual basis.

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