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"DOOM Eternal" Apparently Had A Pistol At One Point

One of the weird items we're finding out about DOOM Eternal in the aftermath of its release is that one of the weapons you could get was a pistol. The series is known for having some of the best, craziest, and even obnoxious weapons. Because you're battling the demons of hell and the creations of […]

Bethesda Softworks Shows Off "Fallout 76" Wastelanders Screenshots

The "Fallout 76" Wastelanders Expansion Has Been Delayed Yet Again

Bethesda Softworks announced this week that, yet again, Fallout 76 players will have to wait for the Wastelanders expansion as it's been delayed. This time you can chalk it up to the coronavirus messing with the timetable, as the company posted a notice about it on Twitter. The shorthand is that the expansion is getting […]

DOOM Eternal Review-6

An Experience That Will Melt The Brain: We Review "DOOM Eternal"

Ever since Bethesda Softworks resurrected DOOM for the masses back in 2016, fans knew a sequel like DOOM Eternal was inevitable. The first original game in twelve years brought the franchise back to where it needed to be. One man on a mission to destroy every demon in his path and seal every gate from […]

"Elder Scrolls Online" Kicks Off Year-Long Harrowstorm Adventure

"Elder Scrolls Online" Kicks Off Year-Long Harrowstorm Adventure

The Elder Scrolls Online has just entered a long-year event that will bring great triumph and tragedy to the game with the Harrowstorm adventure. You can read up a little on it below with the full details here, as it comes with a new set of updates for the game. You can check out what […]

Bethesda Releases The Final "DOOM Eternal" Trailer Before Launch

Before DOOM Eternal lands on consoles and PC next week, Bethesda Softworks has got one last trailer for you to check out that brings all the hype. This is pretty much everything you would expect from a DOOM trailer and more, as you are the reckoning for hell and every demon in it. You get […]

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Dress Up the Doom Slayer as a Pretty Unicorn in "DOOM Eternal"

DOOM Eternal may very well be one of the most badass games to come out in 2020. So what better title to run around in as a magical unicorn slaying demons everywhere you go? DOOM Eternal will let you prance around as the Doom Slayer in a pink and white unicorn costume, thanks to a […]

"GhostWire: Tokyo" Is Currently Scheduled For E3 2020

"GhostWire: Tokyo" Is Currently Scheduled For E3 2020

Provided that E3 2020 doesn't get canceled from the coronavirus, we know for certain at least one game that will be there is GhostWire: Tokyo. We're not gonna lie, we almost forgot this game was still happening. This is primarily due to two things. One, Bethesda has kept leaks about the game under control for […]

Going To Hell And Back Again With "DOOM Eternal" At E3 2019

Bethesda Confirms PC Requirements On Steam For "DOOM Eternal"

Before you decide to purchase DOOM Eternal on PC, Bethesda Softworks has finally posted the specs required to run the game on its Steam page. The upside is that if you have a relatively new PC made within the past five years, or at least a couple of parts in it that are, you'll be […]

Bethesda Softworks Debuts The "DOOM Eternal" Trailer At E3

Bethesda Posts New Video Highlighting The "DOOM Eternal" Soundtrack

Bethesda Softworks have released a new video this week showing a behind-the-scenes look at the soundtrack for DOOM Eternal. If you loved the soundtrack from the first game, then buckle in as you're going to hear tracks that will pump the blood until you're bleeding from the ears. Check out the orchestra and choir go […]

Going To Hell And Back Again With "DOOM Eternal" At E3 2019

"DOOM Eternal" Can Run At 1000 FPS, But Can Your PC Handle It?

A new reveal about DOOM Eternal will have PC players scrambling to figure out whether or not their tower can handle all the possible awesomeness. The folks over at id Software had a chat with IGN recently about the game in which they revealed that the game can run at 1000 FPS on PC. (Which […]

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Bethesda Softworks Pulls Most Of Its Games From GeForce Now

Something odd happened this past week with Bethesda Softworks, as fans noticed the company pulled most of their library from GeForce Now. The NVIDIA cloud-based gaming service posted this notice on their forums, which simply says "Please be advised most Bethesda Softworks titles will be removed from the GeForce NOW service today. Wolfenstein Youngblood will […]

Going To Hell And Back Again With "DOOM Eternal" At E3 2019

New "DOOM Eternal" Enemy Finally Has Name Revealed

If you've been obsessing over DOOM Eternal like a lot of fans have, you may have noticed this new enemy in all their promo materials. Up until now, Bethesda Softworks really hasn't talked about any new additions to the game. We expected as much because we figured they were holding out on some material so […]

"Fallout 76" Wastelanders Update Is Coming On April 7th

"Fallout 76" Wastelanders Update Is Coming On April 7th

This morning, Bethesda Softworks finally announced a release date for the upcoming free Wastelanders update to Fallout 76. The new update will finally be added to the game on April 7th, 2020. This after it was pushed back and fans not knowing when they'd see it. While it's still two months out, at least it's […]

Going To Hell And Back Again With "DOOM Eternal" At E3 2019

"DOOM Eternal" Will Have Absolutely No Microtransactions

Some good news for DOOM Eternal fans who may have been worried about microtransactions in the game. We got confirmation that there are none! Someone has a chat with the game's Creative Director, Hugo Martin, on Facebook about the unlockable content in the game and whether players would have to pay for anything. He responded, […]

Bethesda Softworks Restores Stolen Items To "Fallout 76" Players

The recent hacking thefts that happened in Fallout 76 has finally received a happy ending of sorts, as players got a surprise from Bethesda Softworks. Last month around the holidays, players were getting hacked on the servers and having their inventories cleaned out. For a number of people, they assumed the worst at the end […]

Latest "Doom Eternal" TKTK

Latest "DOOM Eternal" Trailer Is Full Of More Grimy, Gory Goodness

Ready to rip and tear? You'll soon get your chance, with the latest DOOM Eternal trailer. It's the first new glimpse we've had at footage from the upcoming shooter, and we must say it's looking even more scrumptious than ever. The trailer opens with a brief few scenes of some massive monsters the Doom Slayer […]

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"Wolfenstein: Youngblood" Receives RTX Support & NVIDIA Highlights

Bethesda Softworks announced this morning that Wolfenstein: Youngblood just got some additional support from RTX and NVIDIA. Without boring you over the technical aspects, the shorthand is that everything looks cleaner, sharper, and a lot more brutal than it did the first time around. YOu can read up on the entire update here, along with […]

"DOOM" & "DOOM II" Just Got Some Amazing Upgrades

"DOOM" & "DOOM II" Just Got Some Amazing Upgrades

Bethesda Softworks just made a lot of DOOM fans happy as they have sent out a patch for the first two games on all platforms with some upgrades. What upgrades you may ask? You're getting Add-on Support which includes John Romero's SIGIL. You're getting both games in 60FPS. You're getting added aspect ratio options. A new […]

Bethesda Softworks Patches The "Fallout 76" Inventory Hack

After having a week where several players had their inventory stolen due to a hack in Fallout 76, Bethesda Softworks seems to have fixed it. The company posted an update on Reddit, letting them know that the PC-exclusive issue has been taken care of and that people who have been targeted should submit a ticket. […]

Fallout 76

Hackers Attacked The "Fallout 76" Servers Taking Player's Inventory

Today in hacking-because-they-can news, it appears a few hackers attacked public servers for Fallout 76 and became a cyber Grinch. The story is coming from the game's Reddit forums, in which several players have noted that their accounts have been cleaned out of items within their inventory. Which promoted a post from one of the […]