Call Of Duty: Vanguard Will Get Ranked Gameplay On February 17th

Activision has unveiled details of the upcoming addition of ranked gameplay that will be coming to Call Of Duty: Vanguard this week. Technically, it isn't an official launch of ranked play, it's a beta. But hey, that's still a chance to show off how great you are and figure out their system ahead of time. The company dropped a giant blog, which we have a snippet of below, talking about all of the things to look out for and how this will affect gameplay moving forward. You can read those notes here, and we also have the introduction video to ranked play for you below.

Call Of Duty: Vanguard Will Get Ranked Gameplay On February 17th
Credit: Activision

Just like in the Call of Duty League, certain weapons, attachments, equipment, and Killstreaks are restricted. That means, among other things, there are no shotguns or LMGs in Ranked Play. Everything available in Ranked Play is unlocked for everyone to ensure a level playing field, regardless of your current Multiplayer progression.

New in Vanguard Ranked Play are Seasonal Skill Ratings, Divisions, and Tiers! Each Season, players will compete in five Skill Evaluation matches to earn a starting Skill Rating and Skill Division placement. With each match you win, you'll earn Skill Rating Points that you can easily track in your visible Skill Rating number. As your Skill Rating increases, you'll advance through your current Skill Division and towards potential promotion into higher Skill Tiers and Divisions. In Vanguard Ranked Play, there are seven Skill Divisions (up from five last year), and each Skill Division has five Tiers.

Your Skill Division and Tier are visible to everyone, so everyone you come across will know who they're up against . Your Skill Rating number isn't just to show off your Skill, it's also used to form matches in Ranked Play to ensure you'll always be competing against other players with similar skill. At the end of each season Skill Rating and Division are reset and players will compete in a new set of five Placement Matches.

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