Cloud Imperium Games Shows Off Star Citizen's 3.3 Update

The never-ending saga of "When Will Star Citizen Be Finished?" continues as Cloud Imperium Games shows off what the next update will be. While that may seem like a constant joke for some of us to make, the game has currently raised nearly $190 million on the crowd-funded project (the biggest amount raised for a video game to date) that just never seems to have a final production date. The developers recently released the 3.2 update and have now moved on to show what they have coming for the 3.3 update that backers have paid to play.

Cloud Imperium Games Shows Off Star Citizen's 3.3 Update

Below are a couple of videos (which includes an hour-long Q&A session with Live Director Todd Papy and Tech Content Director Sean Tracythat go over the finer details, but the short version is that 3.3 is going to be a massive update in September that will incorporate a lot of small things that people have been waiting to see added to the game, along with some general fixes to the content that's already available. We personally hope that improves some of the NPC intelligence on ships, because some of them are just dumb as rocks. Star Citizen currently has 2,054,246 registered users and 189,406,971 raised, but no release date after nearly six years of development.

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