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Cloud Imperium & Firesprite Partner On Star Citizen Multiplayer
Cloud Imperium and Firesprite announced this week they have partnered together to bring better multiplayer to Star Citizen To be clear, they're not dumping the old one and replacing it, but instead are adding to it in a new way They will be adding "Theaters of War" (the current working title) which will be a PvP[...]
Cloud Imperium Games Releases A "Squadron 42" Trailer
If you're not familiar with this one, the game is a single-player campaign set within the Star Citizen universe And much like the game it's based on, was teased years ago and has been in development forever (Remember, Star Citizen technically hasn't been "released", they've just been updating the Alpha for years, and STILL have[...]
Star Citizen To Launch Assault On Stanton Dynamic Event
Cloud Imperium Games revealed the next battle to come to Star Citizen as the Assault On Stanton dynamic event will happen this week The team is calling on all pilots to join the fight against the terrorist organization known as XenoThreat, in what will be the game's first-ever, server-wide dynamic event According to them, this[...]
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Cloud Imperium Games has released the new Alpha 3.12 update into Star Citizen as players get a new ship for Assault On Stanton This new update introduces refinery gameplay, new ships, updated planetary environments, new space cloud tech, a multi-purpose handheld tractor beam tool, AI and combat optimizations, and a number of other improvements you[...]
Cloud Imperium Makes "Star Citizen" Free To Try For A Week
Turbulent has announced that they will be opening a new Montreal-based studio focused solely on developing worlds for Star Citizen The company has already worked with the prime developer Cloud Imperium Games in the past and will be working to build a fully-fledged independent studio with its own unique Montréal culture to work on this[...]
Star Citizen Is Adding The Mercury Star Runner For Test Flights
Cloud Imperium Games revealed today that Star Citizen will be getting a highly-anticipated ship added to the Test Fly system The devs are putting the Mercury Star Runner into the game today, totally free for everyone to try out This ship is designed to be a smuggler's dream as you can hide cargo, pilot it[...]
Star Citizen Reveals Details About Alpha 3.11 Update
Cloud Imperium Games revealed more details this week about the latest update to the alpha build of Star Citizen The update brings in a number of improvements and additions to the game, starting with the fact that pilots can now expect a new element of danger with the removal of Armistice Zones There will be[...]
Star Citizen's Second Annual Ship Showdown Is Underway
Cloud Imperium Games officially launched the Second Annual Ship Showdown in Star Citizen this week for all players to play around in Basically this is one giant excuse to show off what everyone thinks is their favorite ship, whether it was a model they made or something they built from LEGO bricks During this time,[...]
Star Citizen Gets A New Alpha 3.10: Flight & Fight Update
Cloud Imperium Games have given a new update to Star Citizen this week, as Alpha 3.10 gives players new content in "Flight Or Fight" This is the first update to be put into the game in four months, and probably the first for the staff after COVID-19 threw the world into chaos The devs have[...]
Star Citizen Is Free To Play Through June 1st
Back on Friday, Cloud Imperium Games made Star Citizen free to play until June 1st to celebrate their in-game event, Invictus Launch Week The whole concept plays out as their version of Fleet Week to a degree as you get to explore all the game has to offer without paying for it or anything else[...]
Cloud Imperium Makes "Star Citizen" Free To Try For A Week
Cloud Imperium Games has released a new update this week for Star Citizen as it received the Alpha 3.9 patch We have the complete list of patch details below, but the short version is that the developers have expanded the experiences and have created a deeper immersion based on community input and feedback They've introduced[...]
Cloud Imperium Makes "Star Citizen" Free To Try For A Week
Cloud Imperium Games has responded to the Crytek lawsuit involving Star Citizen and Squadron 42 in what appears to be a very ugly situation Last month we reported on the initial filing of the lawsuit, claiming they were in breach of contract while developing Squadron 42 for them Essentially pointing out that the company was,[...]
Cloud Imperium Makes "Star Citizen" Free To Try For A Week
We point out in nearly every Star Citizen story that the game hasn't technically been released Turns out, that may happen to Squadron 42 as well Some new legal documents popped up on Reddit this week, showing game publisher Crytek sued developer Cloud Imperium Games The entire lawsuit was over the idea that they were[...]
Cloud Imperium Games Releases A "Squadron 42" Trailer
We may never see a finalized version of Star Citizen, but Cloud Imperium Games appear to be committed to the release of Squadron 42 So much so that the company released a brand new trailer this week, giving us what they refer to as a "visual teaser" for the game The video shows off several[...]
"Star Citizen" Receives Tons Of New Content With The 3.8 Update
Cloud Imperium Games released a new 3.8 Update into Star Citizen, and with it came a ton of content with tech, gameplay, and more Some of the big additions are planetary weather effects, a procedural planet tech update, and a new Server-side Object Container Streaming system The last one on that list enhances the performance[...]