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Star Citizen Is Free Starting Today During Invictus Launch Week
Cloud Imperium Games has officially kicked off Invictus Launch Week in Star Citizen today and made the game free for the next 11 days The team does this every year as they're basically giving you the chance to fly an entire fleet of vehicles for free with no obligation to purchase a thing, which you[...]
Star Citizen's Latest Updates Adds An Economic Expansion
Cloud Imperium Games has released a new update into Star Citizen this week as the Early Access version gets an economic expansion The Alpha 3.17 update, which is being called Fueling Fortunes, features more ways to make cash in the galaxy without having to do a ton of heavy lifting But it will still require[...]
Star Citizen Has Launched Jumptown 2.0 & Other Events Today
Cloud Imperium Games has added a big update to Star Citizen today as they have kicked off a number of events including Jumptown 2.0 After having added several ships and some new improvements into what is still technically an Early Access game, they've officially invited people to take part in the 2022 Free Fly event,[...]
Star Citizen Returns To Jumptown In Its Latest Event
Cloud Imperium Games has released a new update for Star Citizen as it's still sitting in the Alpha phase, this time going back to familiar territory The 3.16 update is called "Return To Jumptown" and brings back one of the more beloved areas they introduced into the game with Jumptown 2.0 Along with the addition[...]
Star Citizen Is Free-To-Play Until December 1st
Cloud Imperium Games has launched the annual Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2951 event in Star Citizen, running until December 1st The event is basically a chance for everyone to play the game for free, which you can do so starting today and running all the way until December 1st Once the event is over, everything reverts[...]
Star Citizen Releases New "Deadly Consequences" Update
Cloud Imperium Games has released a new update into Star Citizen as the Alpha 3.15 patch brings about "Deadly Consequences" The shorthand to this update is that it brings players new additions that will make life both easier and harder in different aspects Right now when you update, you'll be adding in new hospitals and[...]
Star Citizen Reveals More Details For CitizenCon 2951
Cloud Imperium Games has released new info of what will be coming to Star Citizen's online convention, CitizenCon 2951, happening October 9th The event will air entirely on will air on the game's official Twitch channel tomorrow, as they will be showing off a ton of content with an all-new, all-digital format (primarily created because[...]
Star Citizen Launches Its Annual Ship Showdown Event
Cloud Imperium Games has launched its annual Ship Showdown event where players will be able to experience Star Citizen in a different light In case you don't know what's going on, this will be a month-long celebration in the game where players around the world vote for their favorite vessels and spacecraft designs Those who[...]
Star Citizen Releases The Brand New Orison Update
Cloud Imperium Games has pushed out a new update for Star Citizen, as players can now experience the Orison Update This is a massive inclusion of content that is going to change a few things and bring in a lot of new tech The update is officially called Alpha 3.14 and is available for an[...]
Star Citizen Launches Invictus Launch Week 2951 Event
Cloud Imperium Games has launched their latest Star Citizen event with the anticipated Invictus Launch Week 2951 As part of the Alpha 3.12 update, this annual event will launch to celebrate the services and honor those in the armed forces within the game We have the full details of everything you can do in the[...]
Star Citizen Releases The Underground Infamy Update
Cloud Imperium Games has released a new patch to the Star Citizen Alpha as players can now try out the Underground Infamy Update The 3.134 update comes with a bunch of new content for the game which includes such interesting features as ship-to-ship docking, a reputation manager that tracks your alignment with NPC mission givers[...]
Cloud Imperium & Firesprite Partner On Star Citizen Multiplayer
Cloud Imperium and Firesprite announced this week they have partnered together to bring better multiplayer to Star Citizen To be clear, they're not dumping the old one and replacing it, but instead are adding to it in a new way They will be adding "Theaters of War" (the current working title) which will be a PvP[...]
Cloud Imperium Games Releases A "Squadron 42" Trailer
If you're not familiar with this one, the game is a single-player campaign set within the Star Citizen universe And much like the game it's based on, was teased years ago and has been in development forever (Remember, Star Citizen technically hasn't been "released", they've just been updating the Alpha for years, and STILL have[...]
Star Citizen To Launch Assault On Stanton Dynamic Event
Cloud Imperium Games revealed the next battle to come to Star Citizen as the Assault On Stanton dynamic event will happen this week The team is calling on all pilots to join the fight against the terrorist organization known as XenoThreat, in what will be the game's first-ever, server-wide dynamic event According to them, this[...]
Auto Draft
Cloud Imperium Games has released the new Alpha 3.12 update into Star Citizen as players get a new ship for Assault On Stanton This new update introduces refinery gameplay, new ships, updated planetary environments, new space cloud tech, a multi-purpose handheld tractor beam tool, AI and combat optimizations, and a number of other improvements you[...]