CMON Releases Stark Heroes 2 Details for 'Song of Ice and Fire' Game

We're just a few weeks away from the release of the second set of heroes from House Stark for the A Song of Ice and Fire tactical miniature game, and CMON was kind enough to share the details of what's coming in the box!

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House Stark has attracted a very diverse following up in Winterfell. Being so close to the edge of civilization, many from further north, including Wildings, have come to the warm halls and become allies of the Direwolf. Also, Lord Eddard has sired many children, each with their own distinct personalities. This means that House Stark has many different resources available to them which will surely come in handy out on the battlefield.

The Stark Heroes 2 boxed set comes with a lot of unit attachments, each one allowing Stark players to build up unique units from the factions loyal to Winterfell's banner.

Syrio Forel adds an additional wound to enemy units when they face the unit he leads, as his fearsome fencing abilities buff the soldiers around him.

Osha lends a little Wildling ingenuity to her unit, adding extra wounds to enemy troops that destroy a rank of her team.

The Reed kids are also unit attachments, with Jojen adding random buffs to his unit, but perhaps panicking them with his Greensight ability- so you have to be careful how you field him in battle! Meera Reed is all about the traps, which will make Stark opponents extra careful.

Stark commanders will also be able to field the Direwolf Shaggydog, but all of that ferocious combat skill comes with a price: If Shaggydog is on the table, so is Rickon Stark- who isn't exactly the most seasoned warrior!

Arya Stark is also included in Stark Heroes 2 as a non-combat unit, and can grant a free maneuver action at the start of any round. If you haven't seen how A Song of Ice and Fire works non-combatant units, it's a treat: those units, such as Cersei, Littlefinger, and Arya, have their own way to influence the game by adding buffs to their own units, or penalties to enemies. It's a neat way to ensure that all of your favorite characters can come to life in the game!

Stark Heroes 2 is set for release from CMON on March 29th, check with your local game store now for pre-order details!

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