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More Details Revealed For Marvel Zombies: Heroes’ Resistance
Ahead of PAX Unplugged, CMON and Spin Master Games have revealed more details to their upcoming release of Marvel Zombies: Heroes' Resistance Taking its cues from the popular Marvel spinoff series where the entire world is overrun by zombies, including many of the heroes you know and love, it will be up to you to take[...]
Marvel United: X-Men Crowdfunding Campaign Launched On Kickstarter
UPDATE: As an update to this story, Marvel United: X-Men has become fully-funded three times over in less than four hours, with initial funding achieved in only ten minutes! With 21 days left to back this Kickstarter campaign, there is still plenty of time. CMON, the tabletop gaming developer once known as CoolMiniOrNot, has launched the Kickstarter campaign[...]
The Last of Us: The Board Game is In Development From CMON
Developer CMON is handling the game's creation, so The Last Of Us as a property should be in good hands They were previously responsible for titles like Bloodborne: The Card Game, so this is far from their first rodeo. You'll soon be able to enjoy The Last Of Us as a board game, as one is[...]
Masters Of The Universe Board Game Announced By CMON
Tabletop gaming company CMON has announced that they've reached a licensing deal with Mattel in order to create and publish Masters of the Universe: The Board Game! The game project will be spearheaded by Michael Shinall, Design and Development Manager for CMON, and Leo Almeida, a game developer for the company. Key art for Masters of the Universe,[...]
Modern Family Wraps Up Last Season and Party
Their statement was pithy and frank about the concerns surrounding the convention and the virus's impact on it: CMON Expo is the few days each year that our diehard fans can come to Atlanta to meet, discuss, play CMON all weekend long It lets our fans take a glimpse into all the exciting projects we've been[...]
Auto Draft
Spin Master Games and CMON announced today that they will be holding a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming board game Marvel United The campaign is live today and gives backers the chance to get their hands on the ultimate edition of the game Which will include exclusives that won't be found at retail Those perks[...]
"Zombicide" Second Edition Enters Last Two Days on Kickstarter
The Zombicide franchise of games has been a rocking good time from CMON for years now, and any time one of these games goes up on Kickstarter you know you're going to end up with a metric ton of miniatures The new second edition of Zombicide looks like it's not going to be an exception! Image[...]
'Bloodborne: The Board Game' Set to Break $1,000,000 in First 24 Hours
Clicking on the Bloodborne: The Board Game Kickstarter page right now is like watching the national inflation clock: the number keeps going up in real time as people keep piling on the pledges from the latest offering from CMON. Surprising? Not in the least It's still cool to watch, though, as that number keeps scrolling closer[...]
Check out this STUNNING Wacky Races Board Game from CMON
And now, you can re-enact your favorite Wacky Races with this really spiffy looking board game from the folks at CMON: //Credit: CMON Put your helmet on, strap yourself in, and get ready for the race of your life! Wacky Races: The Board Game Deluxe Edition is coming, and things are going to get even wackier! Wacky Races:[...]
Bloodborne: The Board Game Drops a Gameplay Trailer
Publisher CMON has dropped a gameplay trailer for Bloodborne: The Board Game to get fans hyped for next week's Kickstarter campaign The trailer utilizes footage from FromSoftware's video game as well as shots of the board game to assure fans that CMON is sticking close to the source material using a side-by-side compairson. Bloodborne: The Board Game[...]
CMON Releases Stark Heroes 2 Details for 'Song of Ice and Fire' Game
We're just a few weeks away from the release of the second set of heroes from House Stark for the A Song of Ice and Fire tactical miniature game, and CMON was kind enough to share the details of what's coming in the box! //Credit: CMON House Stark has attracted a very diverse following up in Winterfell[...]
King Joffrey Takes His Place in CMON's 'Song of Ice and Fire' Game
CMON was kind enough to add King Joffrey to their Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game for those of us who would like to murder the smug little creep whenever they want! Officially born as the son of Robert Baratheon, King Joffrey is a Lannister down to his core Not much more than a boy,[...]
CMON's 'Song of Ice and Fire' Previews New Units
Brand new units are coming to CMON's Song of Ice and Fire table-top miniatures game, providing plenty of options to flesh out existing armies from Westeros. Credit:// CMON First up is the second set of Stark Heroes, adding the fearsome swordsman Syrio Farel, Aria Stark, perpetual arrow magnet Rickon Stark and his Shaggydog, and the Reed kids,[...]
Munchkin Gets the Tabeltop Treatment with New Kickstarter Campaign
Munchkin, the perennial card-based fantasy adventure game, is leveling up with a brand-new tabletop game from CMON, and is currently funding on Kickstarter! Courtesy CMON Steve Jackson Games unleashed Munchkin onto the gaming world in 2001, and the wildly popular card game has spawned multiple expansion, including Munchkin: Cthulhu, Munchkin: Rick and Morty, and Star Munchkin[...]