Ed Boon Dismisses a Mortal Kombat 11 Roster "Leak"

After making a harmless joke about Kenshi, Ed Boon had to do some extra social media work this week to debunk a "leak" about Mortal Kombat 11. Boon made this fun and harmless tweet yesterday about Bird Box, tying it into Mortal Kombat for a moment to get some lol's on his feed. Pretty harmless, nothing all that spectacular or earth-shattering, just some MK humor.

But shortly after, a fan tweeted back at him with one of the many "leaked" rosters floating around the internet. You know, the kind where someone sat down and typed up a dream list of all the people they want to see in the game, but don't have anything to back it up or even a reliable source to credit it to. So of course, people started hyping the list to Boon. Well… Boon decided it was time to quash that rumor on the spot with a response.

Its kind of funny to see fans talk about leaks to creators on social media, but this one did more than give us a chuckle. It gave us a bit of a reference point in terms of what's going on with the game. With Boon being confident that the list is bogus and even inviting them to compare it at release, its pretty safe to assume that beyond Raiden and Scorpion, we're probably not seeing many of the people on this list for different reasons. It's a shame we have to wait another couple months before they probably start doing Mortal Kombat 11 character reveals and get a chuckle out of who isn't here, but for the time being, it's fun seeing his reaction to it.

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