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Mortal Kombat 2: Karl Urban Says It's A Wrap For Him As Johnny Cage
They put out two movies that were the 1-2 punch that helped kick off that program, and they were Mortal Kombat and Godzilla vs Kong While neither film lit the box office on fire, this was before the vaccine was readily available to most of the general population; between the decent streaming numbers and reviews for most[...]
NetherRealm Studios Officially Announces Mortal Kombat 1
So there were a lot of things people know, like MORTAL KOMBAT and the various Bugs Bunny-type things, but the list just went on and on and on, things like the Three Stooges and tons of toy lines and action movie franchises It was an incredible list. "WB's ownership didn't GUARANTEE that DC could publish, there[...]
Mortal Kombat Director On Adapting Interactive Storytelling to Movies
It's already been confirmed that not only is Mortal Kombat 2 on the way, but it's acting in production at this very moment – so the hype for the actual tournament itself is more than palpable for longtime fans And yes, the first film did garner plenty of praise and love during its COVID-era streaming[...]
Mortal Kombat 1 Preview: A New Era Brings New Gore
One of the most anticipated games we had on the schedule for Summer Game Fest: Play Days was a chance to play Mortal Kombat 1 We were in Los Angeles for the event, where they took us into a totally separate building to hold this demo, as we got a pretty decent look at the[...]
NetherRealm Studios Officially Announces Mortal Kombat 1
WB Games and NetherRealm Studios officially announced this morning that Mortal Kombat 1 is on the way later this year Originally leaked by the publisher earlier this year as MK12, we now know that the latest incarnation of the series will take place in the current timeline, following the events from the 2019 title where[...]
Storm Collectibles Unleashes Mortal Kombat’s Sheeva with New Release 
Storm Collectibles is back at it once again as they enter the bloodied arena of Mortal Kombat Storm Collectibles continues to impress video game fans and collectors with its impressive line of 1/12 and 1/6 scale figures They have covered plenty of video games with Golden Axe, Street Fighter, Tekken, and, of course, Mortal Kombat[...]
Mortal Kombat 2: Karl Urban Reportedly In Final Talks To Be Johnny Cage
Back in early 2021, Mortal Kombat was part of the 1-2 punch of Warner Bros., not only testing the waters of the post-COVID box office but also testing the waters of the hybrid release model [the other movie at the time being Godzilla vs Kong] If there was a movie that could have benefited from the[...]
Goro Turns the Mortal Kombat Red with New Storm Collectibles Figure 
Storm Collectibles is back with a brand new 1/12 scale figure for their massive and popular Mortal Kombat line If there is one company that is truly dominating the world of Mortal Kombat, it is Storm Collectibles Their figures are remarkable and are packed with next level detail and accessories that bring these fighters right[...]
Mortal Kombat: A New Poster and 8 New High-Quality Images
It's been a few years since the newest live-action adaptation of Mortal Kombat dropped in theaters and on HBO Max (or just Max now, I suppose), all due to the industry's desire to find an alternative to pandemic-related box office limitations. Sure, the film didn't exactly become the biggest hit within its theatrical release window, all[...]
Critical Role Vox Machina’s Pike Trickfoot Has Arrived at Sideshow 
The Mortal Kombat is calling new kontestants to the arena, and the deadly Kitana has answered the call Premium Collectibles Studio (PCS) has just revealed their latest 1:3 scale statue from the hit fight game Mortal Kombat Joining the ranks of Joe and Mileena, Kitana is ready to show off that brawn and beauty are[...]
Exclusive Mortal Kombat Liu Kang Figure Debuts from Storm Collectibles
Storm Collectibles is back with another exclusive 1/12 scale figure as part of their widely popular Mortal Kombat line Liu Kang is back and is getting a new deco to match his current Mortal Kombat 11 look The previous version of Liu Kang was based on his original 1993 version, which featured a green dragon[...]
Arcade1Up Releases Deluxe Edition Arcade Cabinets
Pac-Man Galaga Galaga '88 Galaxian Dig Dug Dig Dug II Mappy Rally-X Rolling Thunder Rompers Tower of Druaga King & Balloon Credit: Arcade1Up Mortal Kombat Deluxe Edition Get over here! Unpack all the Fatalities you remember and get ready to hear "FINISH HIM!" with Mortal Kombat Deluxe Edition With 14 classic games, including four different Mortal Kombat versions, this machine includes hours of fighting fun[...]
Storm Collectibles Unleashes the Fury of Mortal Kombat’s Nightwolf
Storm Collectibles is back and ready to enter the deadly Mortal Kombat once again with a brand new release Making his video game debut in Mortal Kombat 3, Nightwolf has been a fan-favorite figure ever since He is an archetypal Native American hero, historian, and even a shaman that has fiercely fought off the forces[...]
Mortal Kombat 12 Has Been Confirmed For A 2023 Release
The biggest news to come out yesterday didn't come from an official livestream, but from a conference call, as Mortal Kombat 12 was confirmed for 2023 The word about MK12 being the next game from NetherRealm over the possibility of Injustice 3 has gone back to 2019, when the game was a massive success for[...]
Mortal Kombat Shan Kahn Sits Upon His Throne with Storm Collectibles 
Coming out of their popular 1/12 scale Mortal Kombat line, Shao Khan is rising to the occasion and is ready to crush some skulls This deadly fighter comes to life like never before and is ready to take matters into his own hands for this tournament All Shao Khan needs is to have his champions[...]
Mortal Kombat II Sourcecode Reveals Tons Of Cut Content
There always seems to be something new to find in many popular retro games, as a recent reveal about Mortal Kombat II unveiled Nearly three decades since the fighting game sequel was released, players have discovered some interesting content in the sourcecode that suggests the game had a lot of cut content It doesn't really[...]
 Storm Collectibles Debuts Exclusive Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero Figure
It was not long ago that Storm Collectibles added their popular Mortal Kombat figure line to 1/6 scale Not many fighters have arisen to that size just yet, but the few that did, have not disappointed For fans who are looking to upgrade their Mortal Kombat collection, the Storm Collectibles has unveiled some new Special[...]
Mortal Kombat Scorpion Brings Some Heat from Storm Collectibles
Storm Collectibles is back and ready to enter the deadly Mortal Kombat once again A new special edition version of Scorpion has arrived and is releasing exclusively through Big Bad Toy Store This release is part of the new line of impressive 1/6 scale figures based around the fighter in Mortal Kombat XI Coming in[...]
PCS Collectibles Debuts New Mortal Kombat Noob Saibot Statue
Noob Saibot is a deadly assassin who was once known as Bi-Han and was part of the original Mortal Kombat game Bi-Han had the mantle of Sub-Zero before the title, and the mantle was passed down to his younger brother Kuai Liang Noob Saibot has been in the Mortal Kombat franchise since MK2 as a[...]
WB Games Announces Mortal Kombat: Onslaught For Mobile
WB Games and NetherRealm Studios revealed a brand new RPG experience as they announced Mortal Kombat: Onslaught for mobile Coming out sometime in 2023, this game will be taking the characters you know and love from the franchise and putting them in a brand new realm as you'll take them on an RPG experience as[...]
Mortal Kombat: A New Poster and 8 New High-Quality Images
Mortal Kombat gained a second life on film in 2021 following the 1995 live-action film, which is based on the popular fighting game franchise With the COVID pandemic, the film was released simultaneously to theaters and HBO Max Instead of Liu Kang becoming the Simon McQuoid film's focus as in the 1995 film, it was[...]
Mortal Kombat Baraka Wants a Fatality with New Iron Studios Statue 
Iron Studio Mortal Kombat line is fairly new, and there are still plenty of fighters to cover So far, we have seen Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Sonya, Shan Kahn, and Goro make their debut It looks like another deadly fighter is entering the tournament as Baraka has arrived Coming in at 9" tall, this hand-painted Baraka[...]
Mortal Kombat: A New Poster and 8 New High-Quality Images
When Mortal Kombat was released back in 2021 (mid-pandemic, mind you) in both theaters and on HBO Max for same-day streaming, it became a fun videogame-to-film adaptation that offered some necessary progress in mixing media Of course, with that being said, the recent film didn't exactly turn into the massive box-office hit that many Mortal[...]
Batman Who Laughs Enters the Mortal Kombat with McFarlane Toys 
There is still plenty of love for The Batman Who Laughs, especially with McFarlane Toys as a new figure has arrived for their Mortal Kombat XI line! That is right, a new bloody contender has arrived at the Mortal Kombat as the Noob Saibo DLC skins come to life Tons of creepy detail was placed[...]
Mortal Kombat XI Shadow of Spawn Figure Revealed by McFarlane 
However, that is not the only line we have seen Spawn in, and it looks like Al Simmons is back in the world of Mortal Kombat! Coming out of the DLC from Mortal Kombat 11 another skin comes to 7" action figure with the arrival of Shadow of Spawn Al Simmons with a brand new[...]
Mortal Kombat Kano is Out for Blood with New Storm Collectibles Figure
If you are a Mortal Kombat fan or collector, then Storm Collectibles is the place for you They have been killing it with their 1/12 scale line of figures, bringing these iconic fighters right off the screen They have been slowly building their roster, and so far, we have seen Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Reptile,[...]
Mortal Kombat Trilogy Comes To GOG For Franchise's 30th Anniversary
NetherRealm Studios is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Mortal Kombat this year, and to kick it off, GOG has released Mortal Kombat Trilogy Depending on what you think of the series, this is either one of the best or worst games from the original 2D era of the series You're getting every single character ever[...]
Mortal Kombat Noob Saibot's Kill Count Grows with Storm Collectibles 
Noob Saibot has a very interesting history in the Mortal Kombat franchise and was one of the original characters from the first game Bi-Han was the original Sub-Zero before ether title was passed on down to his younger brother Kuai Liang His time as Noob Saibot came to us in Mortal Kombat 11, and since[...]
Mortal Kombat’s Reptile Receives Exclusive Storm Collectibles Figure
It is time to enhance your Mortal Kombat collection once again as a new exclusive figure arrives from Storm Collectibles Reptile is back with a brand new and exclusive figure that is heading to Big Bad Toy Store Standing 8" tall, Reptile is showing off his stealth abilities with some brand new translucent green arms[...]
Liu Kang's Mortal Kombat Fatality Dragon Comes to Storm Collectibles
Storm Collectibles has easily dominated the market with some of the best Mortal Kombat figures around McFarlane Toys are not bad for the $19.99 price tag, but these are some of the best figures around capturing the old and new designs of your favorite fighters It looks like another fighter is entering the Mortal Kombat[...]