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PCS Collectibles Debuts New Mortal Kombat Noob Saibot Statue
Noob Saibot is a deadly assassin who was once known as Bi-Han and was part of the original Mortal Kombat game Bi-Han had the mantle of Sub-Zero before the title, and the mantle was passed down to his younger brother Kuai Liang Noob Saibot has been in the Mortal Kombat franchise since MK2 as a[...]
WB Games Announces Mortal Kombat: Onslaught For Mobile
WB Games and NetherRealm Studios revealed a brand new RPG experience as they announced Mortal Kombat: Onslaught for mobile Coming out sometime in 2023, this game will be taking the characters you know and love from the franchise and putting them in a brand new realm as you'll take them on an RPG experience as[...]
Mortal Kombat: A New Poster and 8 New High-Quality Images
Mortal Kombat gained a second life on film in 2021 following the 1995 live-action film, which is based on the popular fighting game franchise With the COVID pandemic, the film was released simultaneously to theaters and HBO Max Instead of Liu Kang becoming the Simon McQuoid film's focus as in the 1995 film, it was[...]
Mortal Kombat Baraka Wants a Fatality with New Iron Studios Statue 
Iron Studio Mortal Kombat line is fairly new, and there are still plenty of fighters to cover So far, we have seen Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Sonya, Shan Kahn, and Goro make their debut It looks like another deadly fighter is entering the tournament as Baraka has arrived Coming in at 9" tall, this hand-painted Baraka[...]
Mortal Kombat: A New Poster and 8 New High-Quality Images
When Mortal Kombat was released back in 2021 (mid-pandemic, mind you) in both theaters and on HBO Max for same-day streaming, it became a fun videogame-to-film adaptation that offered some necessary progress in mixing media Of course, with that being said, the recent film didn't exactly turn into the massive box-office hit that many Mortal[...]
Batman Who Laughs Enters the Mortal Kombat with McFarlane Toys 
There is still plenty of love for The Batman Who Laughs, especially with McFarlane Toys as a new figure has arrived for their Mortal Kombat XI line! That is right, a new bloody contender has arrived at the Mortal Kombat as the Noob Saibo DLC skins come to life Tons of creepy detail was placed[...]
Mortal Kombat XI Shadow of Spawn Figure Revealed by McFarlane 
However, that is not the only line we have seen Spawn in, and it looks like Al Simmons is back in the world of Mortal Kombat! Coming out of the DLC from Mortal Kombat 11 another skin comes to 7" action figure with the arrival of Shadow of Spawn Al Simmons with a brand new[...]
Mortal Kombat Kano is Out for Blood with New Storm Collectibles Figure
If you are a Mortal Kombat fan or collector, then Storm Collectibles is the place for you They have been killing it with their 1/12 scale line of figures, bringing these iconic fighters right off the screen They have been slowly building their roster, and so far, we have seen Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Reptile,[...]
Mortal Kombat Trilogy Comes To GOG For Franchise's 30th Anniversary
NetherRealm Studios is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Mortal Kombat this year, and to kick it off, GOG has released Mortal Kombat Trilogy Depending on what you think of the series, this is either one of the best or worst games from the original 2D era of the series You're getting every single character ever[...]
Mortal Kombat Noob Saibot's Kill Count Grows with Storm Collectibles 
Noob Saibot has a very interesting history in the Mortal Kombat franchise and was one of the original characters from the first game Bi-Han was the original Sub-Zero before ether title was passed on down to his younger brother Kuai Liang His time as Noob Saibot came to us in Mortal Kombat 11, and since[...]
Mortal Kombat’s Reptile Receives Exclusive Storm Collectibles Figure
It is time to enhance your Mortal Kombat collection once again as a new exclusive figure arrives from Storm Collectibles Reptile is back with a brand new and exclusive figure that is heading to Big Bad Toy Store Standing 8" tall, Reptile is showing off his stealth abilities with some brand new translucent green arms[...]
Liu Kang's Mortal Kombat Fatality Dragon Comes to Storm Collectibles
Storm Collectibles has easily dominated the market with some of the best Mortal Kombat figures around McFarlane Toys are not bad for the $19.99 price tag, but these are some of the best figures around capturing the old and new designs of your favorite fighters It looks like another fighter is entering the Mortal Kombat[...]
Mortal Kombat III Sonya Blade 1/10 Statue Arrives at Iron Studios
A new fight has entered the tournament as Iron Studios brings Sonya Blade to life! The fighter from the hit fighting game Mortal Kombat comes to life with an impressive new 1/10 Art Scale statue Iron Studios has not has the Mortal Kombat line of long, but they have given us plenty of fire with[...]
Check Out the First Images and a Detailed Summary for Mortal Kombat
The recent ambitious live-action version of Mortal Kombat was viewed as a debatably successful adaptation of a longstanding, reputable video game franchise in more ways than one In the past, the film had displayed some of the fun, campy elements of its original games, but with an action-packed story that made the film more a[...]
Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero Freezes the Competition with Storm Collectibles
Storm Collectibles is back at it once again with another impressive Mortal Kombat figure as they continue to build up their new 1/6 scale lone Sub-Zero comes to us from Mortal Kombat 11 with high amounts of detail, articulation, and accessories As he searches for his brother's killer, Kuai Liang will come with four pairs[...]
Commando Spawn Wants Blood with Mortal Kombat XI McFarlane Toys
Commando Spawn is back as McFarlane Toys reveals their newest Mortal Kombat XI figure This is not the first Commando Spawn to come to the line, but the first release was a 12" posable statue This Mortal Kombat Spawn showcases the Dark Ages skins and now comes to the 7" Mortal Kombat XI line with[...]
Mortal Kombat 1/6 Scale Scorpion Debuts from Storm Collectibles
Storm Collectibles is stepping their game up as their Mortal Kombat collectibles are getting large and in charge Joining the 1/6 Scale lineup is Scorpion as he dons his Klassic Suit, as seen in Mortal Kombat 11 Coming in at 12" this deadly ninja is ready to join your impressive going collection with incredible detail[...]
Mortal Kombat's Ed Boon Is Headed To The D.I.C.E. Awards Hall Of Fame
Awards announced this past week that Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon will be inducted into the AIAS Hall Of Fame AIAS Hall of Fame Boon will be honored at the 25th annual awards ceremony, which is taking place over at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas For this particular occasion, it will be Matt[...]
Mortal Kombat Director On Adapting Interactive Storytelling to Movies
The Mortal Kombat movie was one of the first big releases to come out in 2021 that made it feel like maybe some sense of normalcy was right around the corner It turns out that it wasn't because a bunch of idiots decided that their research on google meant more than years and years of medical[...]
Mortal Kombat Kotal Kahn Gets Bloody with New McFarlane Toys Figure
Blood rains in the arena as McFarlane Toys reveals yet another blood splattered figure for their Mortal Kombat 11 line A new repaint is here as Kotal Khan shows he means business this new 7" tall figure Kotal Khan will have 22 points of articulation and will include a display base as well as a[...]
Joker is a Bloody Mess with New Mortal Kombat McFarlane Toys Figure
However, the repaint is sometimes even better than the original release, and when it comes to Mortal Kombat 11 it is absolutely true There are so many skins in that game, as it is nice that McFarlane Toys brings them to life with their Mortal Kombat 11 figure line One of my personal favorite repaints[...]
People Are Petitioning For A Mortal Kombat Trilogy UE5 Remake
There's a petition currently happening online gaining a ton of traction related to one of the classic gaming franchises, Mortal Kombat Over the years there have been several entries and offshoots and spinoffs of the franchise, but one title that fans come back to a lot for weird reasons is Mortal Kombat Trilogy The game[...]
Spawn Gets Bloody With New Mortal Kombat McFarlane Toys Figures
McFarlane Toys continues to show love for Spawn as they have revealed to one but two new Mortal Kombat 11 variants Both designs from the NetherRealm costumes will feature a stunning white and gold color deco but with extra blood splatter deco throughout the figure The Spawn Classic and Disciple are very well done, and[...]
Reptile Enters the Mortal Kombat with New Storm Collectibles Figure
The Storm Collectibles Mortal Kombat figure will also come with an excellent set of Retile accessories like 4 pairs of hands, an attachable tongue, an acid spit effect, and a force ball effect Each accessory will allow Mortal Kombat fans to create some amazing fights with these figures, and pre-orders can be found here and[...]
Mortal Kombat Legend's Joel McHale Compares Cage to Winger & More
In a recent chat with Bleeding Cool's Jimmy Leszczynski, McHale compares Jeff Winger to Johnny Cage, discusses the importance of the relationships in this story, and voice acting with his shirt off. Joel McHale CC@Home panel Is this sequel, Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms, better than Scorpion's Revenge?  Joel McHale: I don't know, it's really up[...]
The Joker Joins Mortal Kombat 11 with New McFarlane Toys Figure
McFarlane Toys has revealed the newest figure from their impressive Mortal Kombat 11 7" action figure line Continuing with their DLC add-ons, The Joker is ready to create some mayhem in your Mortal Kombat kollection Standing 7" tall, the Clown Prince of crime has 22 points of articulation and comes with two weapon accessories, and[...]
Mortal Kombat Kintaro Pre-Orders Arrive from Storm Collectibles
Shao Khan will do anything to win the Mortal Kombat and the means unleashing a new fighter into the tournament Storm Collectibles has unveiled their newest Mortal Kombat 1/12 scale figure from their incredible line of fighters Another member of the Shokan race is here as Kintaro joins Goro and Sheeva alongside Shao Kahn as[...]
Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms RED BAND TRAILER
This weekend WB Home Entertainment released both a Red Band and a Green Band trailer for Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms, the exhilarating sequel to last year's Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge. Once again, our heroes must travel to Outworld to defend Earthrealm as Scorpion searches for the ancient Kamidogu before it's used to[...]
Warner Bros. Has Released an Official Poster for Mortal Kombat
Before actor Josh Lawson was cast as the nefarious Kano, he didn't think much of it at first when he auditioned for the Warner Bros 2021 reboot of Mortal Kombat He was even more shocked to find out he got the part The leader of the criminal syndicate and rival to Sonya Blade, Kano was[...]
Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath-8
The day was going to eventually come, but NetherRealm Studios announced today they're ending DLC support on Mortal Kombat 11 The news is a little shocking but not too surprising as the company is always developing a new game to come out every two years or so MK11 originally was released in April 2019, and[...]