What To Expect From The 'Splatoon 2' 2.0 Update

Below are some of the latest additions that Nintendo will be rolling out into Splatoon 2's 2.0 update when you get around to downloading it on your console today. There's a small laundry list of bug fixes that you can check out at this link as well, but for the time being, here's everything you can expect once the game is updated.

What To Expect From The 'Splatoon 2' 2.0 Update
  • Changes to Gear
    • Added new gear. It can be viewed in the shops.
    • Added ability for players to buy and replace gear purchased on SplatNet with gear identical in appearance in the shops.
  • Changes to Player Appearance
    • Added two new hairstyles and two new legwear. On the Equip menu select Options and then Style, or choose Player settings on the Options menu on the main menu screen to change hairstyles, legwear, etc.
  • Changes to Music
    • Added 5 tracks to be played during battles.
  • Changes to amiibo Functionality
    • Added ability to take photos with Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy, and Inkling Squid amiibo on competitive stages while carrying weapons.
    • Added ability to use filters when taking photos with amiibo.
  • Changes to Player Rankings
    • Increased player ranking maximum from 50 to 99.
    • Added ability for players to speak to Judd after reaching level 99 to give them an option of returning to level 1 and start levelling up all over again.
      • Players who choose to start from level 1 again will have a ★icon displayed next to their rank.
      • Access conditions for gear and weapons will not change even if a player decides to start over from ★1
      • Players who choose to start from ★1 again will continue to receive prizes from Judd for levelling up.
    • Added ability for players who reach ★99 will have the option to start from ★1 again.
      • The in-game ranking display of ★1 will not change, but players can see how many times they've returned to level 1 on SplatNet 2.
  • Changes to Rank
    • When a communications error occurs because a player is idle, the match will be judged not from the time after the error, but from when the time the player became idle.
  • Changes to Crusty Sean's Food Truck
    • You can now order a Fried Whip Cream Double Croissant, which increases battle cash you receive by 2.5 times, or a Galactic Seanwich, which increases battle experience you receive by 2.5 times.
    • Added ability to get tickets for the menu items listed above in Salmon Run and The Shoal. Additionally, superior tickets are now easier to get.
  • Changes to the Lobby and Menu Controls
    • Added ability to change gear and continue after finishing Regular Battles, Ranked Battles, and solo Splatfest Battles.
      • If you select this option after a Regular Battle, you'll be able to continue with other players from the previous battle who've selected either "Continue" or "Change Gear and Continue".
    • Made ease-of-use changes to the stage selection screen for Private Battles.
    • Added ability to select which stages will be available for random matches for Private Battles.
    • Team selection will be maintained even if a member of a team drops out after a battle has finished, and the display order has changed for Private Battles.
    • During Splatfests, a deployment diagram of Inkopolis Square during the Splatfest will be shown on the main menu map.
  • Changes to the Posting Function
    • Revised the software so unfinished posts are saved as saved data when you press the B Button to back out of the post screen. The unfinished post will be available to continue working on even after you restart the software.
  • Changes to Multiplayer
    • Reduced the amount of time between a player taking damage and beginning to recover from 1.5 seconds to 1 second.
    • Slightly increased the height a player can jump when standing in opponents' ink.
    • Slightly delayed the timing with which a player's movement speed and jumping power are reduced when momentarily stepping in opponents' ink.
      • This is also to make it easier for players who've unintentionally stepped in opponents' ink to move over obstacles.
    • Darkened the color of low areas on Turf Maps to make it easier to distinguish them from areas outside the maps.
    • Specifications for some sound effects have been changed.
      • The sound effect for Toxic Mist will now be played again when an opponent enters the affected area.
      • Made it easier to hear the sound effects of the Point Sensor and the Toxic Mist when they detonate.
      • Adjusted the sound of the Ink Jet making it easier to tell from which direction you hear it.
      • Fixed a rare issue causing the sound effect of Chargers to not play.
      • Slightly increased the volume of the pre-detonation effects for Splat Bombs and other explosives.

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