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Banjo-Kazooie Joins The Nintendo Switch Online N64 Expansion Pack
Nintendo revealed their latest addition to the Nintendo Switch Online N64 Expansion Pack as Banjo-Kazooie arrives today Heralded as one of the best games to ever grace the late '90s console, the platformer has had a unique history over the years with a dedicated fanbase who want to see it come out and be revitalized[...]
The Kingdom Hearts Series Will Come To Nintendo Switch Next Month
Square Enix revealed today that the Kingdom Hearts series will be coming to Nintendo Switch in February, but through different means To help celebrate the release of the game on its 20th Anniversary, Switch owners will be able to get what are essentially the most complete versions of the three main titles, but you'll have[...]
SNK Vs. Capcom Card Fighters Clash Comes Out For Nintendo Switch
SNK has released a new title today for Nintendo Switch as they have presented SNK Vs Capcom: Card Fighters' Clash for download The company has delved back into its past again to pull another classic title from the NeoGeo Pocket and brought it to life with faster mechanics, impressive colors, and the ability to switch[...]
PDP Reveals Several New Nintendo Switch OLED Products
PDP is looking to capitalize on the release of the brand new Nintendo Switch OLED model as they have revealed several new items this week The company is one of the few who work with Nintendo for officially licensed products as they have created several over the past few years for the regular Nintendo Switch[...]
Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection Announced For Nintendo Switch
Ubisoft revealed a brand new collection on the way as Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection will be coming out on the Nintendo Switch This particular collection will include three major titles from the franchise, all of which center around the character Ezio Auditore da Firenze Plus some bonus content to make the entire game feel[...]
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Over the holidays we were sent many new controllers to review, one of which was PowerA's Nintendo Switch Spectra Enhanced Wired Controller Much like some of their previous controllers of this design, it is built to light up and give you a handle little design if you decide to play in the dark or in[...]
Nintendo Announces Nintendo Switch OLED To Launch In October
In news that was painfully obvious looking at store shelves over the holidays, the Nintendo Switch will likely have shortages next year Anyone who spent time looking for the OLED, the Mini, or just the regular Switch model this year for a Christmas present knows full well that the console is the second-most elusive one[...]
Chocobo GP Will Release On Nintendo Switch This March
Square Enix has finally put a release date of Chocobo GP as the game will be coming out on the Nintendo Switch in March 2022 The company dropped a brand new trailer this morning showing off the fun and frantic racing title set within the Final Fantasy universe, along with the news that it will[...]
PDP Launches New Nintendo Switch OLED Accessories
Performance Designed Products (PDP) announced that they have a new line of accessories specifically for the Nintendo Switch OLED The company has had an awesome history of making items that are tailor-made for the console ever since it was released, ranging from amazing pro-controllers and retro GameCube designs, all the way to audio selections and[...]
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Those of you hoping to watch Twitch on a Nintendo Switch can rejoice this week as the app is now available in the eShop Probably one of the most requested apps that haven't appeared on the system until today, players can now download it completely free from the shop and check out livestreams directly on[...]
Review: Nintendo 64 Controller For Nintendo Switch
With the release of the Nintendo 64 library for Nintendo Switch Online, the company released a classic controller that works with the console Much as they did with the NES and SNES libraries, this controller was released so that you could play the games as intended instead of trying to figure out a new button[...]
Dying Light Releases New Animated Trailer For Nintendo Switch
Techland has released a brand new video today for the Nintendo Switch version of Dying Light as they go behind the scenes for this version The video focuses on techland's Head of Technology, Piotr Chrzanowski, who goes into detail about all of the challenges they had to essentially overcome and the work that went into[...]
Pokémon UNITE Available For Free On Mobile Devices Today
Credit: Nintendo The Pokémon Company had a lot to share here, so let's break it down into more digestible bullets: Egnlish, French, German, Italian, and Spanish language support will be available through the mobile version as well as the Nintendo Switch version For those already playing on the Switch, this will come through a free update that[...]
Dying Light Releases New Animated Trailer For Nintendo Switch
Dying Light 2 may be delayed, but the original is set to be released on the Nintendo Switch with a special Platinum Edition This trailer basically promotes the idea of being able to parkour everywhere you'd like while still being in a zombie wasteland of our own design Nothing here for gameplay or features, just[...]
Nintendo Announces Nintendo Switch OLED To Launch In October
Ever since the Nintendo Switch was released, one of the biggest demands from players has been the inclusion of Bluetooth Well, we finally got it last night as the company released Update onto the console, with the biggest addition being Bluetooth support For the record, we tried it out last night on a pair[...]