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The "Super Mario" Remasters Will Likely Debut in One Package

Reports indicate there may be a series of remastered Mario games on their way to the Nintendo Switch, if the rumors swirling around happen to be true. Nintendo is said to be bringing games like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy to the Nintendo Switch as a series of remastered titles. […]

Seven Knights – Time Wanderer Switch Main Art

Netmarble Brings "Seven Knights – Time Wanderer" To Nintendo Switch

Netmarble announced earlier today that they will be bringing the mobile game Seven Knights – Time Wanderer to the Nintendo Switch as a console exclusive. The game has been out for almost six years now as a mobile title, which you might know as the real-time and turn-based RPG Seven Knights Mobile. Now the developers […]

Animal Crossing New Horizons Review-5

We Review "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" On Nintendo Switch

One of the biggest games that people have been demanding from Nintendo since the Switch came out is another Animal Crossing game. It took a while, but you got one. The last official game that wasn't a spinoff was Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS, released back in 2012. And shy of all of […]

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It Looks Like "Resident Evil 3" Will End Up On The Nintendo Switch

For a while, we've been wondering if the Nintendo Switch would be getting a port of the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 3. According to Rely On Horror, datamniners may have found what they were looking for when it comes to confirming a port. Here's a snippet from the post, in which not only do […]

Warface 1 Million Players

"Warface" Reached One Million Players On Nintendo Switch In A Month

Chalk it up to a combination of the world's current status and people being interested in the game, as the game Warface scored a quick record for itself. MY.GAMES announced this week that the title now has one million players on the Nintendo Switch version, and it scored that number in under a month. That's […]

Story Of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town Main Logo

XSEED Games Announces "Story Of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town"

XSEED Games announced this week that they will be bringing Story Of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town to the Switch this Summer. Of course, we know the game under its Harvest Moon title in the West, but this version will be a complete reimagining of the 2003 Bokujō Monogatari title. Completely re-envisioned for modern gamers […]


"Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" Next Fighter Will Hail From "ARMS"

Have you been ruminating over who the next possible Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter may be? Wonder no more – at least, in terms of the game represented. During the latest Nintendo Direct Mini, Nintendo confirmed that the next character that would be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would be from the game ARMS. Unfortunately, […]

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition Art

Nintendo Releases A Surprise Nintendo Direct Mini

Out of the blue without any warning from the company, Nintendo released a surprise Direct Mini on the public today with a ton of announcements. We have the full list of what they talked about below, but here are some of the major highlights. Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition will be out on May 29th, several […]

The Nintendo Switch Has Outsold The Wii In Japan

The Nintendo Switch as a console has passed a new milestone as the console has officially outsold the Nintendo Wii in Japan. You can thank the coronavirus for the new numbers on the console as it has forced people indoors, and one of the ways people have dealt with it has been through playing video […]

Oddly Enough, There's Now a "Ring Fit Adventure" Shortage

Oddly Enough, There's Now a "Ring Fit Adventure" Shortage

It's more than just toilet paper that people are having trouble tracking down. Nintendo's exercise-focused Ring Fit Adventure is now difficult to find, and scalpers are charging outrageous prices for the game. Coronavirus may be causing massive issues across the world, but it's also causing Ring Fit Adventure to be much more scarce than usual. […]

"Zombie Army Trilogy" Will Be Headed To Nintendo Switch On March 31st

"Zombie Army Trilogy" Will Be Headed To Nintendo Switch On March 31st

Rebellion announced this morning that Zombie Army Trilogy will be making its glorious and bloody presence known on Nintendo Switch. The game will come with the full versions of the first three titles, along with all the DLC and additional content, all wrapped into one package. Plus all the awesome co-op and difficulties that come […]

"Luigi’s Mansion 3" Receives DLC Part 1 With The Multiplayer Pack

"Luigi's Mansion 3" Receives DLC Part 1 With The Multiplayer Pack

Nintendo revealed that the first DLC pack for Luigi's Mansion 3 is now available for you to download, which includes the multiplayer option. You get three new costumes and some additional content in this one. But best of all, you can now go ghost hunting with three of your friends in special games. Basically, you're […]

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"Ruiner" Is Headed To The Nintendo Switch In 2020

Devolver Digital announced this week that they would be bringing the cyberpunk game Ruiner to the Nintendo Switch this year. The news came from the game's official Twitter account in which they basically did a little binary reveal of sorts. The action shooter title will put you in the middle of, shockingly, another dystopian future […]

"Little Town Hero" Comes to PS4 with Special "Big Idea

"Little Town Hero" Comes to PS4 with Special "Big Idea Edition" in June

Did you miss out on the Nintendo Switch version of Game Freak's Little Town Hero? Not to worry, because it's headed to PlayStation 4. NIS America will handle publishing duties as the game makes its way to North America this June on PS4, in addition to a new physical version for both the Switch and […]

Giveaway: Nintendo Switch Lite Courtesy Of eBay

Nintendo Switch Shortages Expected Due To Coronavirus

Among the many things the Coronavirus is having an impact on, tech being shipped out of China is a big one, which includes the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo already announced there would be issues getting more products to the western part of the world due to the outbreak. But now Bloomberg is reporting there will be […]

"Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training" Gets A European Release Date

"Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training" Will Hold A World Championship

It looks like everyone who owns Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training for Nintendo Switch will be getting a new challenge spanning the globe. Well, at least for those of us who own it as it still isn't available in certain regions. But for those who do have it, you got a new event you can take […]

Visual Novel "Arcade Spirits" is Headed to Consoles This May

Visual Novel "Arcade Spirits" is Headed to Consoles This May

Looking for a new visual novel to sink your teeth into? You'll want to give Arcade Spirits a try, especially as it's making the leap from PC to consoles this May. Fiction Factory Games' Arcade Spirits is headed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch, and that means you'll get to spend some time checking […]

Nintendo Is Launching Airport Switch Gaming Lounges

Nintendo Is Launching Airport Switch Gaming Lounges

Nintendo announced this morning that they'll be launching their own set of airport gaming pop-up lounges called Nintendo Switch On The Go. From February 17th until March 29th, four select airports will have these lounge setups for weary travelers to sit down and check out. The four in question will be Dulles International Airport in […]

Nintendo Reveals A Lot More About "Animal Crossing: New Horizons"

"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" Requires NSO Sub For Online Backup

It looks like if you want to make sure your island is super secure in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you'll need Nintendo Switch Online. According to a statement made by Nintendo on their Japanese site, which is a little confusing, there will be an online backup of your game. However, it will not be a […]