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Pokémon Sword & Shield's Expansion Pass Drops On June 17th

Pokémon Sword & Shield's Expansion Pass Drops On June 17th

Some cool news for owners of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, as the game's Expansion Pass will be arriving in just two weeks. The developers dropped a new trailer today showing off over three minutes of the game and what the pass will bring to players. The focus of it will be on The Isle […]

This talented Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan recreated a Pokemon battle in-game.

This Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player Recreated A Pokemon Battle

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players continue creating all kinds of fun, inventive content in-game, and it's always super impressive. This time around, Redditor The-Nooksters made their own unique Pokemon battle using assets from Animal Crossing and some very sneaky video editing. It really has to be seen to be believed. Two villagers are seen engaging […]

Mario Tennis Aces is getting a new free update for June.

Mario Tennis Aces Gets A Free June Content Update

Mario Tennis Aces players are getting a free update this month in the form of the June Online Tournament patch. It's now available in-game, and it's bringing a number of free goodies to tennis fanatics that can be earned by way of Participation Points. This update includes bonuses like colored Spike Headbands, which will run […]

Harvest Moon: One World is making its way to PlayStation 4.

Harvest Moon: One World Is Headed To PlayStation 4 This Fall

Harvest Moon: One World was previously announced by Natsume and Rising Star Games earlier this month as a new Nintendo Switch title Now, it's also coming to PlayStation 4 The latest installment in the Natsume-helmed Harvest Moon series (not Story of Seasons) will bring classic farming action to your favorite console later this year.[caption id="attachment_1213498"[...]

The Latest Nintendo Switch Patch Didn't Add Anything Major

Some of you may have noticed a new patch for the Nintendo Switch pop up yesterday Don't worry, there wasn't much to it Usually when Nintendo throws in a patch they're looking to fix something or bring about a new feature or do something exciting that will lead to some kind of news People got[...]

Metroid Prime Trilogy Appears To be On The Way In June

Metroid Prime Trilogy Appears To Be On The Way In June

This time around we have to thank Swedish retailer Inet for the leak as they posted a listing for a Nintendo Switch version of the game What's more, the release date they have attached to it is June 19th, 2020 It doesn't take a lot of guesswork to figure out this was probably going to be[...]

Atari’s Missile Command: Recharged Hits PC & Switch Next Week

Atari's Missile Command: Recharged Hits PC & Switch Next Week

Now they're moving it over to both Steam on PC and Nintendo Switch as the game will be released on those two platforms on May 27th, 2020 The game is also expected to be coming out on the Epic Games Store, but a release date hasn't been set for that yet The game is basically[...]

Grab some Galarian Pokémon in Sword and Shield soon.

Snag Galarian Pokémon With Upcoming Sword & Shield Mystery Gifts

New Galarian Pokémon Mystery Gifts are on their way to Pokémon Sword and Shield. Ahead of the first expansion's release, The Isle of Armor, the games will be receiving new characters and items for free as a way to get players back into the groove of things. You'll get a different Galarian Pokémon with a […]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's special princess/crown-themed event is happening this week.

Smash Ultimate's Shining Crown, Glittery Tiara Event Starts This Week

There's a new event headed to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this week, according to the official Japanese Twitter account for the game. It's called the "Shining Crown, Glittering Tiara" event, and it revolves around a series of characters who wear crowns and tiaras. As the event image implies, the game's Spirit Board will be populated […]

Ninjala is getting a second open beta.

Ninjala Gets Second Open Beta Test At The End Of May

You'll be able to jump in and give the game a go for an entire day on May 31 from 12:00 to 9:50 PDT.[caption id="attachment_1208974" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Courtesy of Nintendo[/caption]In the video, director Motoki Kaneda and game designer Kazuki Morishita made it very clear that Ninjala is not a "pay-to-win" affair, and it does not[...]

Someone Made A Nintendo Switch Look Like A Game Boy Color

It always amazes us to see the artwork people eventually do to their Nintendo Switch if they feel passionate enough to redesign it People have broken open the console and played around with the case, buttons, and design in different ways over the past couple of years Surprisingly, most players go back and do a[...]

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SNL Examines The Dark Side Of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You know a game has taken over the world when you see it on SNL, such is the case with Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Its no secret everyone is playing Animal Crossing, especially with a good chunk of the world still under some sort of quarantine measure and not much else to do except […]

Image courtesy of Oddworld Inhabitants

Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee – Solid Port of Average Puzzler [Review]

One advantage of being a Nintendo Switch owner is the backlog of game developers willing to port their older titles to the mobile console Oddworld Inhabitants’ first title for the Switch was Stranger’s Wrath, the fourth title in the Oddworld series Their next title is its predecessor Munch’s Oddysee Once ported to the Game Boy[...]

Two worlds are about to collide on your Nintendo Switch: Animal Crossing and Tetris.

This Weekend, Try The Free Animal Crossing x Tetris 99 Event

Two worlds are about to collide on your Nintendo Switch: Animal Crossing and Tetris Thanks to the upcoming Tetris 99 x Animal Crossing event happening at the end of the week through next Monday, you can enjoy a fun Maximus Cup featuring everyone's favorite animal villagers.From 12 a.m PT on Friday until 11:59 p.m PT[...]

Harvest Moon: One World is coming to the Nintendo Switch this fall.

Harvest Moon: One World Announced For Nintendo Switch

Natsume and Rising Star Games are bringing a whole new Harvest Moon to the Nintendo Switch this fall It's called Harvest Moon: One World, and it's going to be available for both North American and European players when it finally debuts.The game will thrust players into a dark time for those who enjoy farming[...]

The next Sega Ages game Thunder Force AC is hitting the Japanese eShop this week.

Sega Ages Thunder Force AC Hits Switch In Japan This Week

There's a new Sega Ages title this week, and it's headed straight for the Nintendo Switch eShop This time around, it's Thunder Force AC, and it's bringing some satisfying shoot-'em-up action to the handheld Thunder Force AC is an arcade adaptation of Thunder Force III, which already appeared via the Sega 3D series on both[...]

Nintendo Reveals What They're Bringing To SDCC 2019

Nintendo's Online Services Went Down For Over An Hour Today

It was bound to happen with everyone playing on their servers in mass as Nintendo's online services went down for about an hour today. Around late afternoon in the United States, people started sharing on social media that they couldn't connect to any of Nintendo's online attractions, including Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Splatoon 2, and […]

Nintendo has sold a ton of Switch units as of March 2020.

Nintendo Switch Worldwide Sales Top 55.77 Million As of March 2020

The Nintendo Switch continues to do very well for itself, despite the global coronavirus pandemic In fact, it appears the pandemic has helped to boost the handheld console's sales, as the Switch has now sold 55.77 million units worldwide as of March 31, 2020, according to Nintendo's latest earnings release.[caption id="attachment_1203616" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Nintendo has[...]

Famicom RPG Hoshi wo Miru Hito is headed to Nintendo Switch this summer.

Famicom RPG Hoshi Wo Miru Hito Gets Summer Worldwide Switch Release

City Connection is bringing the cult classic Hoshi wo Miru Hito, a Famicom game from the late 1980s, to Nintendo Switch this summer Though the game widely recognized for some of its austere mechanics, it's yet to have an official English translation, and it looks like it might finally be getting one Hoshi wo Miru[...]

Splatoon 2 2020 Demo

Nintendo Launches A Special 2020 Splatoon 2 Demo

You’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online membership* to participate in the event Even if you’re not a member yet, you’re still invited, though! After downloading the demo, you’ll receive an email with a download code** for a seven-day free trial for Nintendo Switch Online (Even if you’ve activated a previous free trial, you’re still eligible[...]