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Nintendo Confirms Splatoon 3 Will Be Released On September 9th
A surprising announcement out of the blue from Nintendo today as Splatoon 3's release date has been confirmed for September 9th, 2022 Normally this is the kind of content saved for their Direct livestreams, but it looks like the team wanted to reveal something during PAX East this weekend, so we got the early surprise[...]
Viz Media Releases July 2021 Solicitations
            Can the four Pokédex holders Blake, Whitley, Black and White handle the greatest crisis ever to hit the Unova region?!   On Sale Date     July 13, 2021  Price USA       $9.99  Age Rating          All Ages "Splatoon: Squid Kids" cover art, Viz Media Splatoon: Squid Kids Comedy Show, Vol[...]
Viz Media Releases May 2021 Manga Titles
Koyuki resolves to face her head-on, leading to a clash of feelings before the girls can confirm how important they are to each other. On Sale Date Age Rating Price USA May 11, 2021 Teen $9.99 "Splatoon, Vol 12" cover art, Viz Media Splatoon, Vol 12 Story and Art by Sankichi Hinodeya The final chapter of the Hero Mode arc is[...]
The Splatoon 2 Special Demo is returning to the eShop at the end of April.
In the event, you still haven't purchased one of Nintendo's most colorful online multiplayer games, the Splatoon 2 Special Demo is returning for players to test out The demo will be available once more on the Nintendo Switch eShop from April 29 through May 6, 2020. Those taking part in the Special Demo will be able[...]
Viz Media Releases May 2020 Manga Solicitations
Meanwhile, on Artemis, the consequences of his actions at Rumble Town unexpectedly resurface! Forced to hunt down a former ally, Seth and his companions make their way to Bôme, the capital of the Eastern Townships, seat of the Inquisition as well as home base for one of the largest factions of Domitors—the vaunted tamers of Nemeses. For[...]
From The Rumor Mill: Did Nintendo Tease "Splatoon 3"?
If you're inclined to believe the latest rumors on social media, it appears Nintendo may have dropped a hint that a Splatoon 3 announcement is coming Things have been rather quiet on that front of Nintendo ever since they wrapped up all the content with a final battle And since that time the speculation has[...]
“Splatoon” Paints Its Way to Victory with New Figma Set
Splatoon has made its way to your televisions with the fan-favorite Nintendo game But now you can bring those beloved Splatoon characters home through Good Smile Company They have recently announced a Figma Splatoon boys Deluxe Edition figure two-pack set This deluxe figure set is packed with not only figure details but with a wide variety of accessories[...]
Viz Media Releases January Manga Solicitations
And Doc, Seth's most reluctant ally, shows up with a couple of "friends" who could play a big part in the conflict between Inquisitors and Wizards. For teen audiences. ISBN 13           978-1-9747-0885-7 On Sale Date   2020-01-14 Price USA        $9.99 Price CAN        $12.99 Dimension       5 x 7 1/2 Format             TP/184 pages/b&w Splatoon, Vol[...]
Team Chaos Wins The Final Splatfest In "Splatoon 2" With Style
Nintendo held the final Splatfest for Splatoon 2, as Team Chaos battled against Team Order, and the results probably won't surprise you much As you may recall, this one was going to be the last battle of all the major battles as the two main characters of Off the Hook, Pearl and Marina, would lead[...]
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Tetris 99 is going to be getting a special Maximus Cup this week as Nintendo will be bringing the world of Splatoon to the game Much like previous Maximus cups, all you basically need to do is be one of the top 99 players in the game during a specific period, and you'll be rewarded[...]
Nintendo's Smash Bros and Splatoon 2 Tournaments will End at E3
credit// Business Wire The winners of the Splatoon 2 North American Inkling Open 2019 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate North American Open 2019 tournaments were crowned at PAX East this weekend. The four-player team FTWIN nabbed the final win for the Splatoon 2 final, while the three-person team of Wrath, Devonte, and Poltergust took the win in the Super Smash Bros[...]
Nintendo is Offering a Free Demo of Splatoon 2 For a Week
In case you happen to be one of the few Nintendo Switch owners who doesn't own Splatoon 2, Nintendo is offering a free demo Today the company announced that it would be offering the game as a Special Demo that you can download from the eShop as we speak The demo itself will run from[...]
The Next Splatoon 2 Splatfest Will Have Knights Fighting Wizards
The next Splatfest to come to Splatoon 2 will be filled with a lot more fantasy than usual as the game will be putting knights against wizards Starting on March 15th at 9pm PST and running until March 16th at the same time, you'll be fighting over which job you would prefer to have in[...]
The Next Splatoon 2 Splatfest Delves Into Your Favorite Breakfast Stacker
Nintendo, ever using Splatoon 2 to ask life's most difficult questions, jump back into the world of breakfast to ask a hard Splatfest question This time around they're curious as to what your favorite stacked item is in the morning: pancakes or waffles The fight is set to take place next week between February 8th and[...]
Nintendo Adds The Last Salmon Run Map and Weapons to Splatoon 2
As we enter the last leg of whatever new content Nintendo will be making for Splatoon 2, we got a new map for Salmon Run and new weapons Starting tomorrow, players will be able to jump on a brand new map called the Ruins of Ark Polaris, which as you can see from the photos below, features[...]