Far Cry 5 Gets A Rather Serious Story Trailer Focusing On Its Cult

Ubisoft has put out a new story trailer for Far Cry 5, showing off the darker and nastier themes of the game.

Far Cry 5

Some of Far Cry 5's marketing material has been pretty silly. While setting the game in a brutal militia coup in the mid-West USA should open up a lot of potentially interesting political musings, other trailers have seemingly tried to sidestep that sticky situation but focusing on the explosions and frivolousness that the series can indulge in. There has been a lot of talk around the game and how it will handle certain issues it's playing with, but with this new trailer, we get a look at the darker parts of the concept.

This latest trailer does away with the pure fun and shows off the nasty tone the game can, and probably should adopt at times. It's focused on the story and particularly, the religious cult that are going around doing some pretty awful stuff. It's pretty full on, with a real sense of threat. This almost reminds me of Outlast 2, only with less supernatural elements and… well, you have a gun of course. It's the best trailer I've seen so far for the game. Check it out here:

I really am fascinated by this game and where exactly it will go. Taking the Far Cry formula and putting in the USA at this moment in time is definitely interesting and should provide a lot of fertile ground to explore in. Of course, this is Far Cry. I'm certain using your pet bear to go around and eat your enemies while you throw molotovs around will be just as silly and fun as ever too. This game has a real tightrope walk to manage, but its good to see the more serious side of the game coming out now. It's out March 27, 2018.