Funko Pop! Blitz Reveals New Event Focused On The Mummy

The latest event to come to Funko Pop! Blitz will have you collecting character from the Universal Studios film The Mummy starting today. Specifically, five new characters will be coming tot he match-three game from the 1999 film. This includes the game introducing two never-before-seen figures in the form of Ardeth Bay and Jonathan Carnahan Funko Pops! The Mummy event will kick off starting on Wednesday, August 4th at 5pm PDT until Tuesday, August 10th at the same time. Its interesting that they decided to go for this version of the franchise rather than any of the classic Universal Monsters material or the recent stuff they've been trying to build with the UMCU. But hey, people love these films. You can read a little bit moire about the event below, as you can download the game for free on iOS and Android.

A look at the characters from The Mummy coming to Funko Pop! Blitz, courtesy of N3TWORK.
A look at the characters from The Mummy coming to Funko Pop! Blitz, courtesy of N3TWORK.

Funko funatics won't want to miss the introduction of never-before-seen Ardeth Bay and Jonathan Carnahan Funko Pops!, both exclusively available to collect in Funko Pop! Blitz. This week, players can find ancient Egyptian riches and mystical artifacts with the iconic cast of characters from The Mummy, both living and undead. Join characters Ardeth Bay, Jonathan Carnahan, Evelyn Carnahan and Rick O'Connell in a battle to defeat the immortal Imhotep.

During the duration of the event, players will find the game board transformed into a Treasure Room. Within lies the Key to Hamunaptra, hidden beneath the sand. Players will need to match character heads on the board to reveal and collect the Key as they unlock all The Mummy characters for their virtual Funko Pop! collections. Completing all stages unlocks the Event Exclusive Pop! – Rick O'Connell. Players can improve their chances of finding the Key to Hamunaptra by equipping The Mummy characters for an extra boost during the event.

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