Ghostbusters World Posts A Couple Social Media Teasers

It's been a hot minute since we heard the announcement that 4:33 Creative Lab and NextAge Co. would be working with Columbia Pictures and Ghost Corps on a Ghostbusters mobile game. Well, today on the game's official social media channels, we got a couple teasers that show us what their upcoming game Ghostbusters World will really be like, and as you can see from the Twitter and Facebook videos below, it's basically a Ghostbusters version of Pokémon GO.

It's pretty clear from the imagery you see here that the entire purpose of the game will have you running around town hunting ghosts, hitting them with your proton pack's stream, and then capturing them to most likely dump off in a containment unit for some kind of credits or points. On the one hand, we're sure there are a lot of Pokémon GO and even Ingress players looking for an alternative, but on the other hand, is it worth going and playing a clone with a different IP and skin? We'll see as we patiently wait for an official launch date.

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