Giveaway: Snag A Steam Code For Gelly Break Deluxe

Would you like to play Gelly Break Deluxe on Steam? We have several codes to give out for you to jump in on the game now. ByteRockers' Games recently released the game digitally for Windows PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch, and to mark the occasion, they gave us 20 codes to give out for the game on Steam. These codes are on a first-come-first-sever basis, once they are used they cannot be used on a second account, and once all 20 are claimed they are gone. WE DO NOT HAVE ANY MORE CODES THAN WHAT IS HERE! You can find the codes down below, best of luck to you all in claiming one.

Giveaway: Snag A Steam Code For Gelly Break Deluxe
Credit: ByteRockers' Games

Gelly Break Deluxe is a real passion project for us and the re-release of our fun first platformer Gelly Break developed for all ages. Three years after the initial release, we have fulfilled our dream, reclaimed the rights to the IP and are now publishing this as an indie developer and publisher on our own. The game is nicer and bigger with a proper story and all the features and content we already wished for back then.

In Gelly Break Deluxe you have to save the Gellies' home planet from the evil Evil Blob as Gel and Lee. As a team, you have to use all your abilities to survive against the ever-changing enemy types, because the challenging jump'n'run passages can only be mastered together with your partner. The switching mechanics, precise coordination and timing are essential to master the unique boss fights, following the popular gameplay principle "easy to learn, hard to master". After the time of "social distancing", the game is the perfect way to get back together with your loved ones. Whether with parents, kids or friends, Gelly Break Deluxe is the perfect couch co-op fun for players of all ages.

Gelly Break Deluxe Steam Codes


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