GTFO Set To Leave Early Access Before Year's End

10 Chambers Collective revealed this week that they're finally going to bring GTFO out of Early Access before the end of 2021. Its been nearly two years since the game was first introduced into Early Access as they have been adding new chapters here and there to essentially test out the game and give players new challenges. Now it appears they're finally ready to release a full version of the dark horror experience. The current version of the game will be on sale for $35 until November 1st, and then after that, all bets are off until the game comes out. Here are a few quotes from the announcement as we wait for the official date.

GTFO Set To Leave Early Access Before Year's End
Credit: 10 Chambers Collective

"During the Early Access phase, we have delivered a total of 50 expeditions in our five Rundowns, throwing a range of tough challenges to our community. There have been theories that this concept is something we're just using during Early Access to try out different gameplay mechanics, but I am happy to say that the Rundown updates will continue with GTFO in Version 1.0," said Simon Viklund, Narrative Director and Composer at 10 Chambers.

"With the success of GTFO's Early Access launch, we've been able to grow our development team and give each part of the game the focus it deserves. The game will have a very noticeable transition from Early Access to Version 1.0, richer in content, but also the quality of life down in the Complex – stuff like better glass rendering, new third person animations, a handy communication wheel,  and weapons that move more realistically. Small stuff, but when you add it all up – and it's a lot of stuff, it gives you an even better experience of the game," said Ulf Andersson, CEO at 10 Chambers.

"We have consistently communicated that we will increase the price for Version 1.0, as we think it's reasonable that you pay less for a game while it's still in Early Access development. The new price will be $39.99 in the US, and the Rundown updates will keep dropping as a Version 1.0 game. The price increase will happen on November 1st, several weeks before the Version 1.0 launch, to keep the authorities happy. If you want to grab GTFO on a deal, keep an eye out for a final sale before the increase," said Robin Björkell, Communications Director at 10 Chambers.


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