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GTFO Brings Back Rundown 2 As Permanent Addition
10 Chambers Collective has re-released Rundown 2 for GTFO this week, as they have added it as a permanent addition to the game This is part of the developer's longterm plan of bringing back ll of the original content that was released for the game building up to the eventual main game, as several players[...]
GTFO Launches 1.0 Live During The Game Awards 2021
We had a chance to try it out last week in a special in-person demo we got to attend with several other members of games journalism to try out a few different aspects of this new version. Credit: 10 Chambers Collective The game has changed quite a bit as we were given a proper story to what's[...]
GTFO Set To Leave Early Access Before Year's End
10 Chambers Collective revealed this week that they're finally going to bring GTFO out of Early Access before the end of 2021 Its been nearly two years since the game was first introduced into Early Access as they have been adding new chapters here and there to essentially test out the game and give players[...]
GTFO's Rebirth://EXTENDED Update Today As New Version Is teased
Today, 10 Chambers Collective released the Rebirth://EXTENDED update GTFO today along with news of Version 1.0 on the way An extension of the April 2021 update added to the game, this will add five new expeditions for a total of thirteen unique missions, as well as a new game objective that tasks players with surviving[...]
GTFO Has A New Branch Of Content Coming Soon
10 Chambers Collective announced today that their four-player FPS horror title GTFO will be getting new content shortly The content has been branded as Rundown 5.0, but it is simply being called "Rebirth" And a big reason for that is because the developers are introducing a new ecological sector to the ever-evolving underground facility where[...]
GTFO Surprises Players With A New Update & Game Stats
10 Chambers Collective dropped a new surprise update into GTFO with a ton of new levels to explore, as well as some player stats on the game The game has been in Early Access for a year now with players basically going through the motions of waiting for a new Rundown to drop, getting together[...]
GTFO Will Officially Launch Rundown 004 On October 22nd
10 Chambers Collective revealed this week that they will be launching Rundown 004 for GTFO on October 22nd, 2020 The developers have slowly been loading new Rundowns into the game a few months at a time, and while we haven't heard much from them lately, we know they were hard at work making new content[...]
GTFO Will Get A New Massive Rundown On June 11th
10 Chambers Collective announced today that a new massive update is on the way with Rundown Three being called "The Vessel" This update comes as the company has been hiring new people to help with storytelling, art, and design, and voice acting, as they continue to push forward in Early Access and make the game[...]
GTFO 002 Release
10 Chambers Collective announced today that they have fully released Rundown 002 for GTFO, with 003 on the way for Early Access The devs revealed that 002, better known as "Infection", was released today after players completed 1,000 expeditions in the first run of the game With this update, some places where existing expeditions are[...]
"GTFO" Receives A Brand New Update Called "Infection"
10 Chambers Collective has released details about a new update for GTFO, as players will have to deal with a new string of content called "Infection" The update comes with two new weapons in the form of a machine pistol and a burst rifle As far as gameplay, as you can see from the trailer[...]
"GTFO" Receives An Early Access Release Date Next Week
10 Chambers Collective announced today that they finally have an Early Access release date for GTFO, and it's happening sooner than expected The game will hit Steam on December 9th, but like many Early Access titles, it will not be the full game In fact, they will be using a specific system for this release[...]
"GTFO" Gets A New Trailer Explaining The Rundown
It's been a minute since we've heard anything from 10 Chambers Collective about GTFO, their upcoming four-player co-op horror game The game was announced a year ago back at the 2018 Game Awards, and while we got a little info at E3, there hasn't been a ton of updates for us to check out That[...]
GTFO Studio Releases a Documentary Behind The Game
Out of the blue today, 10 Chambers Collective released a video about the game, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the story, the look, the gameplay, and how it all came together Plus, they provided a release window of Spring 2019, but not much else to nail down when we'll see it In the meantime,[...]
10 Chambers Collective Drop The 'GTFO' Reveal Trailer During The Game Awards
Probably one of the scariest trailers to make its debut during The Game Awards, GTFO was shown off by 10 Chambers Collective in the final hour of the show The game looks to focus on four-player co-op to complete missions in a world filled with what appears to be alien/zombie creatures and tentacles with mouths[...]