"Harry Potter: Wizards Unite" Has Started Its Holiday Events

Niantic announced today that they will be starting up holiday events in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which will kick off on December 3rd. We got the full list of events for you below, as they will have you dealing with the Calamity, taking on a Community Day, and giving gifts. Have fun in the snow, wizards, and remember to take your scarf so as not to get other Harry Potter: Wizards Unite players sick.

"Harry Potter: Wizards Unite" Has Started Its Holiday Events
Credit: Niantic
  • Christmas Calamity Brilliant Event Part 1: December 3-10

    • Relive the winter wonderland of the Hogwarts Yule Ball, including memories of couples like Hermione and Viktor, as well as Hagrid and Madame Maxime.

·       December Community Day: December 14

    • Lend Hagrid a hand with caring for his magical creatures by helping return Foundables from the Hagrid's Hut Registry Page. Special Portkeys will whisk you away to Hagrid's Hut to unlock some of the rarest magical creatures.

  • Christmas Calamity Brilliant Event Part 2

    • Reflect on Yule Ball memories from Ron and his friends, including memories of Parvati and Harry, as well as Fred and Angelina.

  • 12 Tasks of Christmas Event

    • Join in the holiday revelry by completing 12 Tasks of Christmas and exchanging special holiday Gifts with friends via the new Gifting feature.

    • Players will be able to collect special Gift boxes from Inns, Greenhouses and Fortresses containing Spell Energy, Potion Ingredients, Runestones and more to gift to their friends.

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