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Hitman 3 Reveals June 2022 Roadmap Of Activities

IO Interactive dropped new details this week on all of the new content and activities coming to Hitman 3 with their June 2022 Roadmap. A lot of what's here is stuff you may have seen or done before, only it's been given a bit of an upgrade and some new objectives. That's not to say it's all a rehash as there are some awesome things you haven't done yet. Not to mention the Ruby Rude sniper rifle on the line that you can snag. You can check out all the details of what's available below until July 1st.

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June 3 Elusive Target: The Serial Killer (Year 2 Edition)

Your target is a respectable businessman visiting the nice and calm neighborhood of Whittleton Creek, as he's "considering" buying a house there. But unbeknownst to the residents, he is in fact a seasonal serial killer known as The Censor, who 'grades' his victims based on how much they struggled. He's now on the hunt for his next victim. Find The Censor and make sure he never grades anyone again. The Serial Killer will arrive in Hitman 3 on June 3 and be active for 10 days.

June 10 Elusive Target: The Gunrunner (Year 2 Edition)

The Gunrunner returns to Marrakesh on June 10. Your target is Vito Đurić. Among those in the know, Đurić is somewhat of a celebrity. He is a charismatic arms dealer and sanction buster with the reputation of being able to acquire anything for anyone. The ICA notes his involvement in almost every covert conflict of the past decade… The Gunrunner will be active for 10 days starting June 10.

June 16: Elusive Target Arcade

On June 16, 3 new Elusive Target Arcades will arrive. And this time, there is a new hot sniper rifle in scope. Complete any of the batches, and you'll unlock the White Ruby Rude 300 Sniper Rifle. The Ruby Rude 300 Sniper Rifle is a "street smart" high precision sniper rifle – decorated with a gritty, urban motif. So, take that shot to the techno thrill. Silencer and high precision Scope included.

June 23 and June 30: Hitman 3 Community Featured Contracts!

Summer is approaching (in the northern hemisphere) and so are new hot Community Created Featured Contracts. First up on June 23 are the contracts themed "Heat Stroke" These will require some cool techniques and some hot eliminations. Next up on June 30, are the "Hot Scope" themed contracts. In these, you'll need to bring either your best aim or your best sniper skills. (or both).

How to get your Contract Featured: Well, there are many ways to get them Featured. It can be based on a super creative briefing, a cool idea or just a plain fun contract. But bare in mind: They have to be inspired by the theme to be taken into consideration. Up for a challenge? Then keep an eye on hitmanforum for the submissions threads – for your chance to get your contract featured later in June.

July 1: Elusive Target: The Liability (Year 2 Edition)

Meet Terrence Chesterfield, the world's laziest building inspector. He doesn't care if there are cracks in the ceilings or endangerments to the building – as long as he can give you a quick firm handshake, and move on. He's on his way to Club Hölle in Berlin – you'll have 10 days starting on July 1 to make sure this lazy man does his last inspection.

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