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Hitman 3 Reveals July 2022 Roadmap For New Content
IO Interactive revealed new information this morning for the content being released for Hitman 3 over the course of this month There will be a number of additions to the game including a feature contact that brings in a pirate theme, a new neon katana, two new elusive targets, and a brand new map! You[...]
Barry is a Great Must-See Show Driven by a Big Plot Hole
HBO's Barry is that little show that could, beginning as a modest satirical comedy about a hitman who decides to be an actor in Hollywood and becoming a grand epic of Crime and Punishment and the impossibility of redemption, and the darkest, most uncompromising comedy on American television The show is the brainchild of Bill Hader,[...]
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IO Interactive dropped new details this week on all of the new content and activities coming to Hitman 3 with their June 2022 Roadmap A lot of what's here is stuff you may have seen or done before, only it's been given a bit of an upgrade and some new objectives That's not to say[...]
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IO Interactive dropped some new details today about the upcoming content they'll eventually release for Hitman 3 during Year Two The main focus of this was the content coming up this month as there will be a number of fun activities you can get in on Including getting the Ducky Gun and the Yellow Rabbit[...]
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Barry, the comedy about a hitman who wants to be an actor, is the darkest comedy on television Creator & star Bill Hader has taken what might otherwise be a glib and lazy comedy pitch and turned it into an uncompromising character study of a guy having the longest nervous breakdown currently on TV He[...]
Hitman #1 (DC, 1996)
Garth Ennis and John McCrea created the character of Tommy Monaghan aka Hitman for The Demon Annual #2 in 1993 A Gotham City killer for hire, Monaghan became even better at his profession thanks to his Bloodlines-enhanced abilities A character with the kind of trademark Ennis brash style that is evident in his other creations[...]
Hitman III Announces The Return Of The Berlin Egg Hunt
IO Interactive has brought back one of the fan-favorite events to Hitman III as players can take part in the returning Berlin Egg Hunt This is the developer's annual Easter-themed event in which you will have a chance to take part in an Escalation Contract for only a short amount of time The Berlin map[...]
Hitman 3 Reveals More Info On Upcoming Year 2 Content
IO Interactive revealed more details this morning about their upcoming plans for Hitman 3 as they enter Year 2 of content The company released a special livestream showing off everything that was on the way for the second year of the game, as they are planning more updates to come out every month and give[...]
Hitman 3 Reveals Year Two Of Incoming Content
IO Interactive revealed that they have more content coming to Hitman 3 in Year 2 of the game and showed off a little of what to expect It appears that they will be highlighting some new features for the game including Ray Tracing and VR gameplay next year, along with some new features to expand[...]
Hitman 3’s Final Seven Deadly Sins DLC Will Be Released Tuesday
IO Interactive has revealed their plans for the last Seven Deadly Sins DLC coming to Hitman 3 as we finally see Agent 47's wrath Quite literally, I'm afraid, as this DLC's Escalation (The Wrath Termination) will have you planning out several ways to both adapt to survive during a furious onslaught of foes who would[...]
Hitman 3's Next Seven Deadly Sins DLC Explores Envy
IO Interactive has revealed the latest piece of the Seven Deadly Sins DLC for Hitman 3, as things are getting a little more green with envy Simply being called "Envy", this sin serves as Act 6 of the DLC collection and will be added to the game on September 28th As the team has done[...]
Hitman 3 Reveals Gluttony As The Next Seven Deadly Sins DLC
Hitman 3 revealed this week that you'll be indulging yourself a little extra in Hitman 3 as Gluttony is the next Seven Deadly Sin DLC Continuing to build on this interesting set of DLC packs where each one is a deadly sin, the team is entering into Chapter 5 where you just can't get enough[...]
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IO Interactive has launched a brand new event in Hitman 3 this week as players are invited to attend The Dartmoor Garden Show This is a brand-new, free and permanent event for people who own the full game that will have Agent 47 putting on his best looks for a party that will knock you[...]
Hitman 3 Reveals Lust As The Next Seven Deadly Sins DLC
IO Interactive has dropped a new trailer and details for the next Seven Deadly Sins DLC for Hitman 3 as we explore the world of Lust This time around you're going to be singing how well you look good in red as you will have select missions to play trying to obtain a very specific[...]
Hitman 3's New Sloth DLC Has Officially Arrived
IO Interactive has moved onto the next Seven Deadly Sins DLC for Hitman 3 as they encourage you to take it easy and kick back with Sloth The third DLC in the collection goes live on June 15th and comes with a few key items for successfully pulling off the assassinations within The first being[...]