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IO Interactive Has Launched A Brand New Studio in Barcelona
Which is good news for fans as it means Hitman 3's content is still full-steam ahead without switching hands and the new James Bond 007 game in the works isn't moving studios either You can read up more on the new studio as we have a snippet from the announcement below, which includes a link[...]
Hitman 3 Releases Info On April's Elusive Target, The Collector
The Elusive Targets system is back in Hitman 3 and with it comes a new set of challenges to get a highly sought-after kill Probably one of the best features of the series, you are given a challenge to take out one specific target on a map you've already played in the game, with different[...]
Hitman 3 Reveals New Seven Deadly Sins DLC
IO Interactive showed off some new content today for Hitman 3 as they're going to be releasing the Seven Deadly Sins DLC soon This is actually going to be a part of an expansion series where every edition will be a different deadly sin, starting with Greed You'll be able to take on new challenges[...]
IO Interactive Shows Off The March Roadmap For Hitman 3
IO Interactive has released new details on the March Roadmap for Hitman 3, which comes with an Egg Hunt in Berlin The game will be getting an update this month with a patch that will resolve a number of issues and smooth out the game in certain areas We'll also be getting another Deluxe Escalation[...]
Hitman 3 Re
IO Interactive released the 3.11 update into Hitman 3 today, the first major updater since launch, with a ton of new items The 3.11 patch brings with it new content to the game, a few new outfits like the tactical turtleneck and specialty snow gear, and some deluxe excitations in a couple of your missions[...]
IO Interactive Reveals February Roadmap For Hitman 3 Content
IO Interactive has revealed their plans for bonus content coming to Hitman 3 for the month of February with some interesting choices The developers have decided to continue the content program they did during the last game by offering monthly updates of special challenges as well as DLC content for you to get that will[...]
IO Interactive Unveils Hitman 3 During PS5 Reveal Showcase
This morning, IO Interactive decided to release the official launch trailer for their upcoming game Hitman 3 There's been a good amount of build-up to the game coming out as the company split off from WB Games and chose to publish this one on their own, completing the trilogy after relaunching it back in 2016[...]
IO Interactive Unveils Hitman 3 During PS5 Reveal Showcase
Well, we now know how Nintendo Switch fans will be playing Hitman 3 as the game will be a cloud streaming title IO Interactive dropped the news this morning that their upcoming game which will complete the trilogy of new titles in the franchise will be released for Nintendo's console on January 20th However, there[...]
IO Interactive Unveils Hitman 3 During PS5 Reveal Showcase
IO Interactive dropped a brand new trailer this morning showing off how Hitman 3 will look and operate in VR The video is about two minutes and it shows the game as played through PSVR, but you get a pretty good idea of how things will go for you in the game when you decide[...]
IO Interactive Unveils Hitman 3 During PS5 Reveal Showcase
IO Interactive dropped a brand new video on everyone this morning, showing off the opening cinematic to Hitman 3 The opening sequence is a little over two minutes long and, just in case you're worried about spoilers, it doesn't really reveal anything new to people You might be a tad curious what's going on if[...]
Hitman 3 Gets A New Trailer Showing Off The Features
IO Interactive released a new trailer for Hitman 3 this morning, showing off all the new features and returning favorites to the game We're just going to say it outright, a lot of this will be familiar territory to those familiar with the series Especially those who have mastered the last two games in what[...]
IO Interactive Unveils Hitman 3 During PS5 Reveal Showcase
IO Interactive released a new trailer this morning showing off a new location in Hitman 3 as you're headed to Chongqing, China As part of the mission for this latest trilogy, you will be heading to the rainy, neon-lit streets of a Chinese transportation hub This one filled with shops and food stands at every[...]
IO Interactive Unveils Hitman 3 During PS5 Reveal Showcase
IO Interactive decided to highlight some of the modes that will be in Hitman 3 today, as we have a healthy mix of old and new Fans will be happy to know Elusive Targets and Sniper Assassin are coming back to the game, maybe not so much with Escalations as things get harder to pull[...]
IO Interactive Unveils Hitman 3 During PS5 Reveal Showcase
Among the many surprises that happened today during the PS5 Reveal Showcase, we were shocked to see Hitman 3 revealed by IO Interactive The first being that we would get a sequel to Hitman 2 so soon, the second being that IO will both be developing and publishing their title on their own without WB[...]
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