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Hitman 3 Reveals More Info On Upcoming Year 2 Content
IO Interactive revealed more details this morning about their upcoming plans for Hitman 3 as they enter Year 2 of content The company released a special livestream showing off everything that was on the way for the second year of the game, as they are planning more updates to come out every month and give[...]
Hitman 3 Reveals Year Two Of Incoming Content
IO Interactive revealed that they have more content coming to Hitman 3 in Year 2 of the game and showed off a little of what to expect It appears that they will be highlighting some new features for the game including Ray Tracing and VR gameplay next year, along with some new features to expand[...]
Hitman 3’s Final Seven Deadly Sins DLC Will Be Released Tuesday
IO Interactive has revealed their plans for the last Seven Deadly Sins DLC coming to Hitman 3 as we finally see Agent 47's wrath Quite literally, I'm afraid, as this DLC's Escalation (The Wrath Termination) will have you planning out several ways to both adapt to survive during a furious onslaught of foes who would[...]
Hitman 3's Next Seven Deadly Sins DLC Explores Envy
IO Interactive has revealed the latest piece of the Seven Deadly Sins DLC for Hitman 3, as things are getting a little more green with envy Simply being called "Envy", this sin serves as Act 6 of the DLC collection and will be added to the game on September 28th As the team has done[...]
Hitman 3 Reveals Gluttony As The Next Seven Deadly Sins DLC
You can read a little bit more about it below and check out the trailer showing off the suit and the mission as it will launch on August 31st. Credit: IO Interactive Get exclusive sin-themed suits and take on brand new challenges to unlock unique rewards Can you resist all seven sins? Seven Deadly Sins is a[...]
Auto Draft
IO Interactive has launched a brand new event in Hitman 3 this week as players are invited to attend The Dartmoor Garden Show This is a brand-new, free and permanent event for people who own the full game that will have Agent 47 putting on his best looks for a party that will knock you[...]
Hitman 3 Reveals Lust As The Next Seven Deadly Sins DLC
IO Interactive has dropped a new trailer and details for the next Seven Deadly Sins DLC for Hitman 3 as we explore the world of Lust This time around you're going to be singing how well you look good in red as you will have select missions to play trying to obtain a very specific[...]
Hitman 3's New Sloth DLC Has Officially Arrived
IO Interactive has moved onto the next Seven Deadly Sins DLC for Hitman 3 as they encourage you to take it easy and kick back with Sloth The third DLC in the collection goes live on June 15th and comes with a few key items for successfully pulling off the assassinations within The first being[...]
IO Interactive Rundown Hitman 3's Season Of Pride Roadmap
IO Interactive released details this morning about the rest of what is essentially "Season 2" of Hitman 3 with "Season of Pride" The season will run from today all the way to June 13th, where the devs will then do another major patch to move onto the next deadly sin theme But in the meantime[...]
Auto Draft
IO Interactive dropped a new trailer this morning for Hitman 3 as the next Seven Deadly Sins event will be focusing on Pride As you might recall, back in March the developers launched this specialty expansion pack of content for $5 per event, giving you seven guaranteed missions with special items you can earn from[...]
IO Interactive Has Launched A Brand New Studio in Barcelona
Of all the weird rumors and news to come out this week, this one is a bit interesting as IO Interactive has another project in the works The report comes from Windows Central, who did some digging into a recent interview the company gave about working on a new IP for a different company, and[...]
IO Interactive Has Launched A Brand New Studio in Barcelona
IO Interactive has some big news today as they have officially opened up a brand new studio in Barcelona, Spain This is the third studio for the company alongside their current operations in Copenhagen and Malmö, as it appears they will be working on a new unannounced new IP Which is good news for fans[...]
Hitman 3 Releases Info On April's Elusive Target, The Collector
You can check out  a trailer and read more on your first target below. Dear sir, I believe its time to add you to our collection… Courtesy of IO Interactive. Kody Haynes has always been an avid art collector, from the meticulous finding, procuring and displaying of the treasures of his childhood to the driven hunt for[...]
Hitman 3 Reveals New Seven Deadly Sins DLC
IO Interactive showed off some new content today for Hitman 3 as they're going to be releasing the Seven Deadly Sins DLC soon This is actually going to be a part of an expansion series where every edition will be a different deadly sin, starting with Greed You'll be able to take on new challenges[...]
IO Interactive Shows Off The March Roadmap For Hitman 3
IO Interactive has released new details on the March Roadmap for Hitman 3, which comes with an Egg Hunt in Berlin The game will be getting an update this month with a patch that will resolve a number of issues and smooth out the game in certain areas We'll also be getting another Deluxe Escalation[...]