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Homeworld 3 Receives New Patch & Editor/Mod Tools

Homeworld 3 has a pair of updates available right now, as Patch 1.1 is now live and plkayers have more customization tools.

Article Summary

  • Homeworld 3 Patch 1.1 adds new multiplayer content and free DLC.
  • Heavy Suppression Frigate now available in War Games mode.
  • Editor and Mod-Tools launched for enhanced player customization.
  • Players can download and directly run new Skirmish maps in-game.

Gearbox Publishing and Blackbird Interactive have released two updates for Homeworld 3 in the past few days, as players have new content and tools to play with. The first came a few days ago as Patch 1.1 was added to the mix. Then, this week, players also got a new set of Editor and Mod-Tools added so they can take customization to a new level. We have the details below for both as they are available to use right now.

Homeworld 3 Releases Mini-Documentary With New Information
Credit: Gearbox Publishing

Homeworld 3 – Patch 1.1

Patch 1.1 contains brand-new multiplayer content, such as new challenges, artifacts, and more. Notably,  players can now use the Heavy Suppression Frigate, a powerful upgrade over the standard Suppression Frigate, in War Games mode. Additionally, as a part of the game's post-launch roadmap, Homeworld 3's first free DLC is now available for all players. This DLC includes a new skirmish map, Karos Graveyard, which references earlier Homeworld games, which notably have little terrain and contain a much larger combat zone. Patch 1.1 will also include several bug fixes and gameplay improvements. Issues addressed within this patch  include:

  • Tactical Pause and Time Dilation – First mentioned in our last Dev Update, players can now pause or slow time while playing War Games or Skirmish solo.
  • Torpedo Frigate – While a Torpedo Frigate's ranged ability was active, missiles could explode before reaching their target after a certain distance.
  • The Lighthouse Campaign Mission – If Resource Collectors deliver the salvage on the same movement plane (or x-axis) as the Mothership, the Carrier Salvage gets stuck, and the player is blocked.
  • Targeting – After using an ability on a target, ships could occasionally start attacking other enemies instead of the initial target.
  • Guard Command – Ships would occasionally fail to resume the Guard command after engaging in combat.

New Tools For Modders

  • This editor is separate from Homeworld 3 and gives players the ability to create, export, and upload content such as Skirmish maps to Modding enthusiasts can download the Homeworld 3 Mod Tools & Editor for free on the Epic Game Store. Purchasing Homeworld 3 on EGS is not required to use the Homeworld 3 Mod Tools & Editor.
  • Some guides can be found here created in collaboration with the modding community, which provide instruction on essential features and functions of the Unreal Engine 4 Editor, how to create a Skirmish level, as well as publishing and updating a mod.

For Players

  • Players are now able to download mods for Skirmish maps from the in-game Homeworld 3 mod menu.
  • Skirmish Maps can be downloaded directly from the game client and run in the game without additional steps. Other mods are possible, but will require additional steps to run them.

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