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Complete Guide To Eevee Evolution In Pokémon GO

Eevee is one of the most unique Pokémon ever introduced due to its many evolutions. Eevee can currently evolve into seven different species in Pokémon GO and the release of an eighth Eeveelution with Generation Six's Fairy-type Sulveon can't be too far off. Now, obtaining these evolutions isn't as easy as crossing your fingers and pressing "Evolve"… for most of them, anyway. Here is our complete guide to Eevee Evolution in Pokémon GO.

Original graphic featuring the Eevee evolutions. Credit: Pokémon Company International and Niantic
Original graphic featuring the Eevee evolutions. Credit: Pokémon Company International and Niantic

The Eevee Nickname Trick

Be careful, because this only works once in Pokémon GO. Giving Eevee a nickname and evolving it while it still has that nickname will, again, one time and one time only, make it evolve into the species assigned to that nickname. It is strongly suggested to save the nickname trick for when you have a special Eevee that you want to evolve into a specific evolution, such as a Shiny Eevee or a 100% Eevee. Here are the nicknames that can be used only once per trainer in Pokémon GO to obtain each Eeveelutions:

  • Vaporeon: Rainer
  • Jolteon: Sparky
  • Flareon: Pyro
  • Espeon: Sakura
  • Umbreon: Tamao
  • Leafeon: Linnea
  • Glaceon: Rea

Other Methods of Eeveelution in Pokémon GO

  • Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon: Once the nickname trick is done, you're shooting in the dark. The only way to get one of these is to click "Evolve" and cross your fingers. These are the three Eevee evolutions you can get from randomly evolving.
  • Espeon & Umbreon: Walk Eevee as your buddy for 10KM and evolve it during the day if you want Espeon and the night if you want Umbreon. To make 100% sure that you get the Pokémon you want, you should see the question mark that is normally next to Eevee's "Evolve" button turn into the silhouette of either Espeon or Umbreon. Make certain that you have service when you evolve, too, because if your phone's GPS glitches out the moment before you click, you might get one of the three random evolutions.
  • Leafeon & Glaceon: Go within spinning range of a Pokéstop equipped with a Mossy Lure to evolve into Leafeon and a Glacial Lure to get Glaceon. As with Espeon and Umbreon, this method will show you the silhouettes of your Pokémon next to the "Evolve" button, so be sure to take note before clicking.

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