Hood: Outlaws & Legends Receives A New Update With Mountain Map

Focus Home Interactive and Sumo Digital have released a new update into Hood: Outlaws & Legends with a brand new map. The "Mountain" map is a completely free addition to the game as you will now have to fight the State, as well as other Outlaws, across dangerous bridges and on the cliffside paths near the Great Mountain known as Storgramand. We have the patch notes below along with a proper introduction video to show off the map, as you can get the download now.

A look at the new "Mountain" map, courtesy of Focus Home Interactive.
A look at the new "Mountain" map, courtesy of Focus Home Interactive.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Patch 1.5

Patch 1.5 is now available to download and we're excited to announce that it comes with a new free map: Mountain, a snowy and dangerous playground for you to explore. Made up of two distincts areas connected by bridges, the mix of long sightlines and tight, coverless overpasses make Mountain a fresh and deadly challenge for all of you Outlaws. Check out the Mountain Map Trailer for a glimpse of this hostile environment!

For a limited time, we have increased the odds of your heist taking place on Mountain, so that you can fully enjoy this new environment, and try new tactics on the map. Along with it, we also added some fixes, including one for achievements not unlocking properly, including for players who already met their requirements. Our next patch will focus on balance changes and will bring in-game community events! With season one approaching, we are also looking forward to sharing more info about the PvE mode and the Battle Pass skins being added to the game!


Hood: Outlaws & Legends players that have reached the requirements for the following achievements without them unlocking properly will now unlock them when they complete a match.

  • …A ballad unfolds
  • The Ballad Ends
  • Heroic Deeds
  • Merrymen


Robin and Marianne should no longer be obstructed when aiming between narrow lines of sight, such as crenelations.


  • A few lines on experience rewards now appear correctly translated in the post-match screen.
  • Added label for EGS friends on the invite screen

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