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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Gets New Version Of Leatherface
Gun Media and Sumo Digital have revealed a new addition coming to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game, as we're getting a new version of Leatherface For this one, they have turned to one of the all-time greats in special effects and makeup as Greg Nicotero has created this new horrifying design for you to[...]
Zool Redimensioned
Secret Mode and Sumo Digital revealed they will be releasing a remastered classic as Zool Redimensioned is coming to the PS4 next month The game has already been out on PC since 2021, taking the original '90s version of the game and giving it some love with modernized graphics and refined controls Not to mention[...]
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Reveals More Content
Sumo Digital and Gun Interactive have revealed an all-new video for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre as we got a behind-the-scenes featurette The 20-minute video goes far more in-depth than any they have created before, going more into detail about the creation of the game and their willingness to make something totally original based on[...]
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Reveals More Content
The over 13-minute video, which you can check out down at the bottom, goes over some of the scenes Sumo Digital filmed for the video game as they showed off what some of the moves and cutscenes will look like Well, to a degree, as they keep things relatively spoiler-free You can see the work[...]
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Reveals More Content
Gun Interactive and Sumo Digital have released new content today for their upcoming game, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre The first of which is the reveal of the game's primary theme, which is simply called "The Massacre." The song was written by composer Ross Tregenza and features a performance from Gun CEO Wes Keltner on[...]
Auto Draft
Like almost every other game is doing, the devs at Sumo Digital have put together a fun holiday-themed season simply titled "Yuel" And as you may suspect, it's going to add a few things to the game that you would see in certain times of the year, like more snowy weather complete with frost on[...]
Hood: Outlaws & Legends
Developers Sumo Digital have added a new PvE mode to the game that will put you on the ropes against everyone else in the lobby to achieve a new set of challenges and harder guards We have the full patch notes below and a trailer for the mode here for you to check out. Credit: Focus[...]
Hood: Outlaws & Legends Receives A New Update With Mountain Map
Focus Home Interactive and Sumo Digital have released a new update into Hood: Outlaws & Legends with a brand new map The "Mountain" map is a completely free addition to the game as you will now have to fight the State, as well as other Outlaws, across dangerous bridges and on the cliffside paths near[...]
Hood: Outlaws & Legends
Focus Home Interactive and Sumo Digital have released a new cinematic trailer today for Hood: Outlaws & Legends Unlike the previous videos to have come out, this one is set to hype you up and get you excited for the world you're about to set foot in There are a lot of cool things that[...]
Hood: Outlaws & Legends
Focus Home Interactive and Sumo Digital showed off the latest gameplay trailer for Hood: Outlaws & Legends as we get a look at The Brawler Falling in line with the legend of Robin Hood, which is what this game takes its story from, this is where you come across characters that would normally be represented[...]
Hood: Outlaws & Legends Releases The Ranger Trailer
Focus Home Interactive and Sumo Digital have released a new gameplay trailer for Hood: Outlaws & Legends focusing on The Ranger The game is having you play as the legendary heroes of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, with their own little spin on things So of course, why not start off with Robin himself[...]
Sackboy: A Big Adventure Is Announced During The PS5 Reveal
One of the big surprises from the PS5 Reveal livestream was Sony Interactive Entertainment and Sumo Digital revealing Sackboy: A Big Adventure In what is clearly a spinoff of LittleBigPlanet, this is the first game to feature the character since 2014 with LittleBigPlanet 3 But the company didn't really have a lot to say on[...]
Sumo Digital Will Release "X" Exclusive To Apple Arcade
Sumo Digital announced today that they are officially releasing their new game Spyder exclusively on Apple Arcade for iOS 13, iPad OS, MacOS, and tvOS The game has you playing as a tiny robotic bug that will spy, gather info, and relay intel back to the home base It's a cool little adventure game that[...]
The Microsoft Store Lists Dead Island 2 Before E3 2019
Being developed by Sumo Digital and published by Deep Silver, we haven't seen or heard much about this game since it went into development All we truly knew was that it would eventually come out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC But today players discovered this listing on the Microsoft Store showing off the game's[...]
Team Sonic Racing's Unique Mechanics are a Double-Edged Sword
[rwp_box_recap id="0"] SEGA and Sumo Digital's Team Sonic Racing is a team kart racer that actually requires teamwork, which makes it rather unique The concept involves teams of three players working together to boost one another based on their racer-type abilities The three types – speed, power, and technique – all have their own special abilities which[...]
Talking Team Sonic Racing with Sumo Digital's Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson is a Designer at Sumo Digital, the game development studio behind Sega's upcoming kart racer Team Sonic Racing We got a chance to meet up with Wilson at a demo event for the game and chat about the difficulties of developing a team kart racer that's actually cooperative. That was one of the initial troubles Sumo[...]
Team Sonic Racing is Fantastically Unique for a Kart Racer
credit// Sega Sega and Sumo Digital's Team Sonic Racing is similar to other kart racers, with straightforward controls on how to drive, break, turn, and drift The key with Team Sonic Racing is, of course, the word team You don't race alone in TSR, you always have two other racers working with you[...]
Sumo Digital has Bought The Chinese Room – Game in More Traditional Genre Coming
It's been announced that Sumo Digital has bought Dear Esther and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture developer The Chinese Room. While they are often divisive, I have a genuine fondness for a good "Walking Simulator" Not many do them better than the Chinese Room either Their work on Dear Esther, Amnesia 2: A Machine for Pigs[...]
Crackdown 3 logo
In an interview with, the change was made to make the game look better than what it is, as Sumo Digital's Managing Director Paul Porter says they're basically fixing a game that's complete. "By creating a good game," he laughs "It's a bit of a glib answer, I'm sorry, but as you know the release date's[...]
Snake Pass
Sumo Digital has released a new arcade mode for Snake Pass which tasks players with being much faster in the game. Snake Pass was a neat little title It wasn't overly complex, but it was so based around one solid idea, a unique design choice to simulate the momentum of a snake's movement, that it just[...]
Dead Island 2 Could Be Dead As It Disappears From Steam Store
The game was stripped from talented developer Yager not too long ago after years of work,  and it was then announced that Sumo Digital would be taking the reigns. However, that handover might not have actually worked in the game's favour either. NeoGAF user DeathSparks, has spotted that the game is no longer listed on Steam[...]