Infinity Ward Disables Call Of Duty: Warzone Vehicles Due To Glitch

Infinity Ward has to make a quick decision over the weekend and disabled vehicles throughout Call Of Duty: Warzone. The problem stems from issues discovered when a vehicle enters an out-of-bounds area. The way the game is supposed to work is that when you drive into an area you're not supposed to, the system will set off an alert for the player. Specifically, it says "Return to Combat Area" and it gives you a countdown timer to either get back into the field of play or be disqualified from the match by simply being killed off. However, players discovered a glitch that has been a game-ender, literally. If you go out of bounds at a specific point in the countdown, the map freezes the countdown altogether but you're still able to drive around the map.

Chopper 4 will not be able to give you traffic reports in Warzone for a bit. Courtesy of Activison.
Chopper 4 will not be able to give you traffic reports in Call Of Duty: Warzone for a bit. Courtesy of Activison.

The problem is you're stuck in the vehicle and you can do anything about it. You can't get out, you can switch camera views, you can fire weapons… nothing.  – although they can't leave the vehicle or do pretty much anything else. What's more, if you're stuck in the vehicle too long, the glitch has an adverse effect on the game in play as it will end the match for you and everyone else in the lobby. Everyone takes a loss and is kicked back to the loadout menu. You can see it happen in this video. It prompted Infinity Ward to send out this message on Twitter letting everyone know they took out vehicles for the time being. As of the time we're writing this, there's been no indication of when they'll return to Call Of Duty: Warzone. For now, whatever tactics you had using vehicles will have to sit on the shelf as you get back to basics.

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