Late to the Game – Batman: The Telltale Series Review

My boyfriend and dad both went in to buy me a gaming PC for my birthday, so I guess I need to use it for things other than writing articles and browsing eBay. I've had Steam installed since I set the PC up, but I've never been one for PC games. I grew up as a console kid, and to this day I prefer console to PC. But maybe there's a game out there that will change my mind. Maybe Batman: The Telltale Series is that game (and yes, I know — you can play this game on multiple platforms). This game came out in 2016, so as the title says… I'm late to the game.

Late to the Game – Batman: The Telltale Series Review

I started the game for a few days ago, and right off the bat (ha!) I can say with great certainty that I love the graphics. The story is an animated comic, and it's beautiful. I was never visually bored, as the game keeps players engaged throughout.

The game introduces our favorite cast of characters as if they all just moved to Gotham. Batman has been fighting crime for a bit now, and he's created quite the reputation for himself. His relationship with James Gordon is still new, and there's even a new rogue in town — Catwoman. If you're already familiar with the Batman universe you may be a bit annoyed at this new origin story, but it takes a fresh look at these very established characters.

The game prompts you, so this is perfect for anyone who's not the most hardcore of gamers. Plus, every action you make will dictate what happens next in the story. It's completely immersive and really makes you think like Batman. The action is fluid and stunning. Much like a comic it focuses on one scene at a time, so you don't get whiplash from the story moving all over the place.

The voices are spot on too. Troy Baker is a convincing Bruce Wayne and Batman. Laura Bailey plays a charming Selina Kyle/Catwoman, and so on. The casting for this game is spot on.

Everything about this game has been phenomenal, so if you haven't played it yet, I urge you to do so. I'll absolutely be buying the others in the series.

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