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Magic: The Gathering Reveals New Murders At Karlov Manor Details

Wizards of the Coast has revealed multiple Magic: The Gathering cards and some new info for the new Clue-centric Murders At Karlov Manor set.

Article Summary

  • Wizards of the Coast launches Murders At Karlov Manor for Magic: The Gathering on Feb 9, 2024.
  • The set features new cards, including fan favorites, and a host of new characters.
  • Players can solve puzzles through "Mystery Files" starting at the prerelease on Feb 2.
  • Ravnica: Clue Edition arrives Feb 23, presenting Clue-themed shock lands and gameplay.

Wizards of the Coast revealed some minor info and a new set of cards coming to Magic: The Gathering for the new Murders At Karlov Manor set. The new set will launch on February 9th, 2024, with the new Ravnica: Clue Edition on February 23, 2024, to complement it. The set will give you new characters and a few fan favorites all based on the classic tabletop game, as you will scour the manor in search of a killer. Alquist Proft, Ravnica's greatest detective, and others will take part in the whodunit across both titles as you unravel a mystery in two different forms. We have more info below, along with several of the cards revealed for this set for you to look over.

Magic: The Gathering Reveals New Murders At Karlov Manor Details
Credit: Wizards of the Coast

"In this First Look at the new set, which comes out on Feb. 9, Alquist Proft, Ravnica's greatest detective, and others will be trying to figure out who is a cold-blooded murderer in a classic case of whodunit. Through play, Magic players will weave their way through the story, deciphering puzzles, and solving the mystery. Thirteen "Mystery Files" puzzles are built into the set, drawing fans deeper into the detective feel of the game. Beginning at prerelease on Feb. 2, a new puzzle will open each day on a webpage, all leading toward the final solution."

"Story spotlight cards will help players navigate through Karlov Manor as they put together the clues. There will be serialized Ravnica City cards featuring guild leaders, borderless lands, a Dossier Showcase art treatment and an invisible ink treatment as well. If this darker, detective-style look of Ravnica sounds familiar, you might be acquainted with a certain board game. We'll give you a Clue. Ravnica: Clue Edition, available on February 23, will feature Clue-themed shock lands, brand new cards featuring a person, place, or object, and a whodunit gameplay twist that will excite players. Play Magic, look for clues into the death of Guildmage Boddy, and crack the case or eliminate your rival detectives! Can you solve the case before becoming the next victim?"

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