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Review: Clue - 4K Ultra HD Collector's Edition + Blu-Ray
What could I possibly say about the movie Clue that hasn't already been said, documented, and pontificated upon in the almost four decades since its release? The once box-office flop turned comedic cult classic has been analyzed, dissected, frequently quoted, had websites dedicated to it, costumed movie nights in theaters featuring it, had essays written[...]
Hasbro Launches Four New Tabletop Titles Ahead Of Holidays
The company has released Atomix, Clue Escape: The Illusionist's Club, HeroQuest Prophecy of Telor Quest Pack, and HeroQuest Spirit Queen's Torment Quest Pack, all of which offer up a variety of tabletop options for players to explore The one at the top of the list for us is the new Clue title, which essentially is a one-and-done game[...]
Magic: The Gathering Reveals New Murders At Karlov Manor Details
The new set will launch on February 9th, 2024, with the new Ravnica: Clue Edition on February 23, 2024, to complement it The set will give you new characters and a few fan favorites all based on the classic tabletop game, as you will scour the manor in search of a killer Alquist Proft, Ravnica's[...]
The Op Releases New Version Of Clue For Squishmallows
The Op has revealed a new version of Clue in time for the holidays as they have meshed the world of Squishmallows into the tabletop title Simply called Clue: Squishmallows Edition, they have basically taken the board and applied a new look and feel to it with few changes, as you get the classic murder mystery[...]
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Gets Its Own Version Of Clue
The Op revealed this week they are releasing a special edition of Clue tied to the famous book series Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The game will take all of the characters and settings you know from the novels and transport them to the board game, complete with cards, pieces, and mysteries to match that[...]
Hasbro Announces Two New Versions Of Clue & Monopoly
Hasbro revealed two new versions of classic board games are on the way, as we're getting twists on both Monopoly and Clue The first game is Monopoly Chance, in which players will be going a lot of card-flipping that leads to high-stakes, as you will compete against each other to buy properties around the board[...]
Clue Conspiracy
Hasbro has a new tabletop game out right now, as they have given Clue a brand new version for you to play with Clue Conspiracy currently available via Amazon In case you haven't had a chance to check this one out, this version is a secret role strategy game of shifting suspicions, as all of[...]
Clue Comes Instagram For Real-World Immersive Event
Hasbro has come together with Instagram for an all-new Clue promotion, as they have created a real-world immersive event for the next few weeks Over the next few weeks, you'll be able to play an interactive mystery revolving around the classic board game, where you'll check out the game's official Instagram account to learn more[...]
Adventure Escape Mysteries Receives New Clue Crossover
Tilting Point and developer Haiku Games have partnered with Hasbro to bring the game Clue over to Adventure Escape Mysteries for a crossover event Starting today and running all the way to March 20th, the infamous Tutor Mansion and all six classic characters (in their modern form) from the tabletop game will be added to[...]
Clue Getting A Modern Reboot From Hasbro Games
Clue is the best board game of all time, and like all good board games, it is because the gameplay and story are basic and timeless While there is a huge amount of themed Clue sets released every year, the standard remains the same — until now Hasbro has now made available a "new, refreshed"[...]
Hasbro Has Relaunched The Classic Version Of Clue
Hasbro officially revealed their latest relaunch of a classic board game as they revealed their latest version of Clue As you can see from the image below, they have taken the classic version and given it a new makeover for a new decade, as they have changed up the characters a bit in their design[...]
Hasbro Releases Three New Classic Preschool Games
The three games in question are a remake of the classic game Clue Junior, as well as two new versions of classics with the introduction of Twister Junior and Monopoly Discover Each game offers a very specific two-in-one gameplay component in which you're not just playing a game, but you're also learning as you go[...]
The Op Reveals Dr. Seuss & Labyrinth Versions Of Clue
The Op revealed two new editions of Clue this week as they will be releasing versions for The Grinch and Labyrinth As we slowly make our way toward the holiday season, we're seeing more titles pop up that will most likely become staples of the next few months This brings about special editions of anything[...]
The game's afoot with the latest theatrical remake of Clue as Oren Uziel (The Lost City) will be joining the 20th Century Studios' project that will star Ryan Reynolds (Free Guy, Deadpool) and Jason Bateman (Ozark, Thunder Force) The first draft of the film based on the popular Hasbro's mystery board game was penned by[...]
The Op Officially Launches Clue: Critical Role Today
The Op has officially launched their latest edition of the classic board game Clue, as we got the Critical Role version today Officially called Clue: Critical Role, the game was actually announced a few weeks ago on the show, but today is the official release day for it to hit store shelves as well as[...]
Auto Draft
The Op revealed they have released a brand new version of Clue today as they'll be applying it to six other misfits with the cast of Friends Officially called Clue: Friends, the game took as many references as they could snag from the series and crammed it all into the classic board game as you'll[...]
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Image courtesy of 20th Century Studiosv
For more on Spiderhead and Reese and Wernick's other Reynolds projects in Clue, you can check out the whole interview in Discussing Film. Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are one of the most successful duos in Hollywood with their success in the Deadpool and Zombieland franchises While promoting their Netflix sci-fi thriller Spiderhead starring[...]
Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Gets A Visit From Clue
Tilting Point has added a new update to Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery as characters from the famous board game Clue are now available During a special month-long event, you can find iconic characters such as Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlet running around the hidden object game that is shrouded in mystery and puzzle-solving adventures In[...]
The OP Releases New Dexter-Themed Version Of Clue
The OP has released a brand new version of the classic board game Clue as players can now experience it through the eyes of Dexter The game will be taking cues from the original Showtime version of the series as you're back to being a part of the Miami PD as you take on the[...]
The Op Releases Clue: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Things are about to get cool, cool cool cool cool as The Op has released a brand new version of Clue with Clue: Brooklyn Nine-Nine As you might suspect just looking at it, this is an entire version of the classic whodunit board game set inside the 99th precient, where you'll have to use your[...]
American Horror Story Season 10 Prod Starts October; New Clue Posted
Well, American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy lit the dark hearts (including ours) of AHS fans everywhere with an update and clue about the COVID-delayed tenth season Taking to Instagram on Friday, Murphy revealed that production is set to get underway in October while thanking those involved in making sure new health and safety precautions[...]
Comic-Con@Home and Scener logo
We are thrilled to have Con-Goers be one of the first to experience our new Watch Party Platform, a virtual space where friends and fans can meet, interact and host watch parties, no matter where they are in the world." Comic-Con@Home and Scener logo While the show and anime line-up (powered by Funimation) is still being finalized,[...]
Will you return when theaters reopen?
The effects hold up, and a good time would be had by all. The official posters for Clue, Ghostbusters, and The Matrix Image Credit: Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and Warner Bros. Tom Chang – Writer: Oh, as far as my recommendation for a film that should be re-released to theaters and why the experience itself is worth[...]
"Clue" Remake: "Muppets" James Bobin in Talks to Direct
Another piece looks to fall into place as 20th Century attempts to court The Muppets James Bobin into directing their Clue remake Based on the Hasbro board game of the same name, the remake stars Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool). DFree / Reunited "Deadpool" Trio for "Clue" Jason Bateman was the original choice for the studio, according to Variety[...]
Clue Candlestick #2 Has More Bodies Than Answers
Clue Candlestick continues its murder mystery tale with a delightful art history lesson; that the pigments in white and green paints are poisonous.  Violets complement the yellow of the sun, blue was used for the Virgin Mary because it was the rarest and most expensive, mustard yellow is simply hideous, and scarlet is arguably the[...]
CLUE: Candlestick #1 - Classic Who-Dun-It!? With a Modern Twist!
Plum narrates the story with Sherlock Holmes-level observations; noting everything from the flickering dining room light to the poly-blend tablecloth.  Attending this party are the characters you know through the decades-long legacy of Clue; Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Mrs White, Mrs Peacock, Mr Green and finally the ill-fated Mr Boddy. In true Clue fashion, a murder[...]
Best Games to Play with Your Family at the Holidays
Some are classics, some are new and a bit indie, but they're all good fun. Which is about the most you can ask from a board game when family is involved. Clue is quite possibly the most classic board game I could have put on this list, but it's a crowd pleaser for a reason[...]
Bob's Burgers Louise w_ Ketchup & Mustard_POP (BoxedLunch _ Funko)
Fischoedor, and Teddy. USAopoly– The classic CLUE mystery game comes with a twist in this special "Bob's Burgers" edition, custom illustrated by the show creators themselves! Minds are put to the test as players attempt to solve the crime of WHO killed "Ned Boddy" at Linda Belcher's dinner party, WHAT weapon they left at the scene of the[...]
Listen, Morty. I Know Who Did It. We Review 'Rick And Morty'
So it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that there's a version of Clue with their name on it that just got released by USAopoly They sent us a copy to review, so I snagged some friends and played it out over at the Watchtower Cafe in Salt Lake City. If you've ever played Clue in[...]
We've Hit The Apex, Morty! A 'Rick And Morty' Version Of Clue Is Coming
That is, until today. Yeah, that's Rick and Morty Clue you're looking at there The ultimate sign that you're everywhere on the face of the planet is when you land on an old Parker Bros property In all seriousness, this is really cool Below are some of the photos from the game, including the well-designed pieces[...]