"Clue" Remake: "Muppets" James Bobin in Talks to Direct

Another piece looks to fall into place as 20th Century attempts to court The Muppets James Bobin into directing their Clue remake. Based on the Hasbro board game of the same name, the remake stars Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool). Reunited "Deadpool" Trio for "Clue" Jason Bateman was the original choice for the studio, according to Variety. […]

Clue Candlestick #2 Has More Bodies Than Answers

Clue Candlestick #2 Has More Bodies Than Answers

Clue Candlestick continues its murder mystery tale with a delightful art history lesson; that the pigments in white and green paints are poisonous.  Violets complement the yellow of the sun, blue was used for the Virgin Mary because it was the rarest and most expensive, mustard yellow is simply hideous, and scarlet is arguably the […]

CLUE: Candlestick #1 - Classic Who-Dun-It!? With a Modern Twist!

Clue: Candlestick #1 – Classic Who-Dun-It!? With a Modern Twist!

At an evening gathering on a stormy night, several acquaintances sit at the table of Mr. Boddy to discuss his estate matters concerning six different artifacts. The rope that hung Calico Jack. An ancient lead pipe from Rome. The revolver that assassinated President Garfield. A wrench that fixed Albert Camus' car. Jack the Ripper's knife. […]

Best Games to Play with Your Family at the Holidays

If your family isn't in for drunken shenanigans and sports games at the Holidays, you need something to do. Which is often where board games come in. My family is notoriously bad at these, but that doesn't mean we haven't tried a bunch of great board games for our "between dinner and desert" entertainment. The […]

Bob's Burgers Louise w_ Ketchup & Mustard_POP (BoxedLunch _ Funko)

Bob's Burgers and BoxLunch Team-Up For Feeding America

Bob's Burgers fans can help support Feeding America by shopping at BoxLunch starting on September 10th. For the third straight year, exclusive merchandise can be found for sale at BoxLunch, including an exclusive Louise Belcher Funko Pop. For every Pop sold, ten meals will be donated to meals to Feeding America. For more information on […]

Listen, Morty. I Know Who Did It. We Review 'Rick And Morty'

Because of the way the series has taken off, it's a pretty safe bet that we'll be seeing Rick and Morty merchandise until the day we're all dead in the ground. So it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that there's a version of Clue with their name on it that just got released […]

We've Hit The Apex, Morty! A 'Rick And Morty' Version Of Clue Is Coming

Well, that didn't take very long. After conquering the animation world as the must-watch series of this century (so far) becoming a meme machine, having a popular gaming app, going into VR, and about a dozen other accomplishments in the short time it's been around, Rick and Morty had damn near reached the apex of […]

20th Century Fox To Remake Clue

A remake of Clue has landed at 20th Century Fox. Based on the board game, the 1985 flick, starring Tim Curry and stellar actors like Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd and Eileen Brennan, went out to theaters with various endings and cards mimicking the game's notepad. Audiences were encouraged to guess who did it before the […]

Let Me Give You A Helping Hand With This Amazing Spider-Man Viral Treasure Hunt

A viral promotion for The Amazing Spider-Man is underway, based around the website Mark of the Spiderman. It's looking to be one of the more elaborate, real-world ARG affairs, complete with hidden swag. Earlier today, a twitter feed associated with the "Mark" site distributed a series of geo co-ordinates, each leading to a local comic […]

Hasbro Updates Aplenty – JJ Abrams, Ouija, GI Joe 2 And More

Earlier today, Hasbro held a meeting for their stockholders and shared a whole lot of across-the-brand details. Amongst them were updates on several of their upcoming movie tie-ins, from JJ Abrams' Micronauts to the GI Joe sequel. Thanks to a Little Bleeder who went Full Bothan for us, we've gotten those details below. Here are […]