Magyar The Ghost Armor Becomes Brawlhalla's Latest Legend

Ubisoft added a brand new legend to Brawlhalla this week as players can now duke it out with Magyar The Ghost Armor. A bit of a crossover for you as he is pulled straight from Assassin's Creed Valhalla, the armor is now a character unto itself you can fight with, as the spirits that occupy it will challenge all comers with a mighty Greatsword and Hammer, as well as the ability to possess other Legends with the spirits. What's more, there are three other skins available for the character that all draw from different Assassin's Creed titles, including the Golden Gladiator, the Phantom of the Armor, and the Pharaoh King. You can read more about his powers below and check out the trailer for the character as they're live in the game now.

Magyar The Ghost Armor joins the Brawlhalla fray! Courtesy of Ubisoft.
Magyar The Ghost Armor joins the Brawlhalla fray! Courtesy of Ubisoft.

Magyar slashes enemies away powerfully with the following signature attacks for each weapon:

Greatsword Signature Attacks

  • Neutral Signature – The spirits shoot out of Magyar to possess an aerial enemy, put the armor on the enemy to hold them in place, then run them through the chest with the Greatsword.
  • Side Signature – After Magyar slashes once, the spirits leave the armor to grab the Greatsword and finish off the enemy.
  • Down Signature – After a quick jump back, the spirits in the armor take the Greatsword and slash down.

Hammer Signature Attacks

  • Neutral Signature – The spirits shoot out to grab an aerial enemy, then power up the Hammer for an extra hard hit.
  • Side Signature – Magyar quickly crawls towards the enemy, then slams the Hammer down on them.
  • Down Signature – Magyar floats into the sky until the spirits empower the Hammer to slam it down and crush their enemies.

Magyar, available for 7200 Gold, launches with three Brawlhalla Skins (each available for 140 Mammoth Coins):

  • Golden Gladiator
  • Phantom of the Armor
  • Pharaoh King

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