More Details Come Out For Ultimate Rivals With A Trailer

After nearly a year of waiting, Bit Fry Game Studios finally revealed more info about their upcoming sports clash title Ultimate Rivals. The game is being touted as an NBA Jam for this generation, as they have crossed different sports to compete on a basketball court. Athletes and superstars across the NBA, WNBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, and US Women's National Soccer Team will all be on the roster competing in 3-v-3 matches, complete with commentary and voiceover content from Tim Kitzrow, the iconic announcer from NBA Jam and NFL Blitz. The game will arrive on Apple Arcade later this year as the first platform, eventually then coming to Steam and others to be announced. But let's be honest, there's no way this isn't coming out on every available console and mobile. We got more details on it below and the latest trailer as we wait for a proper release date.

Boom Shakalaka! Ever seen a hockey player shoot for three? Courtesy of Bit Fry Game Studios.
Boom Shakalaka! Ever seen a hockey player shoot for three? Courtesy of Bit Fry Game Studios.

In addition to special specific power-ups for the NBA and WNBA roster of players – encompassing EVERY team – superstars from each league will have their own unique ultimate move tied to their sport. In addition, each individual athlete is built with an eye on how their specialized strengths and weaknesses from their core sport would carry over from one playing field to another. Built utilizing Unreal Engine 4, players can compete in online multiplayer matches or single-player against AI opponents or tackle new-challenges such as The Gauntlet and a training mode coming to this edition.

For the first time, players have the option for LeBron James to tip-off against Russell Wilson or set a match-up between Mike Trout, Candace Parker, and Kyrie Irving against Alex Morgan, Juju Smith-Shuster and Kevin Durant. It's the ultimate sports version of "what if? as with over 140 characters in the game, players can draft their dream team over and over again. Fans can also explore the backstory of the Ultimate Rivals universe through a special comic-book series that introduces new characters, storylines and insights into the game. Among the newest members of the Rivals universe making their debut in The Court will be the NBA's Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic, and Paul George, as well as Lamar Jackson from the NFL, Bryce Harper from MLB, Patrice Bergeron from the NHL, Candace Parker from the WNBA and the USWNT's Christen Press.

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